Kirk Brandon – Top 10 Favourite AlbumsCheck Kirk Brandon website for upcoming UK tour dates.

Armed with that stunning voice Kirk Brandon is one of the key figures from the post punk terrain.

Theatre Of Hate made a great statement with their music and style that was far more influential than many pundits would like to admit. Not just a bit of pin up, Kirk was also a sharp dude whose look was much cipied in the period. His follow up band Spear Of destiny took the sound on a bigger more anthemic trip.

They have continued releasing albums and playing intense and pwoerful gigs and are about to go out on a UK tour.

On the eve of what is unquestionably going to be a monumental tour, namely ‘Spear Of Destiny XXX 30 Years And Counting’, Kirk Brandon took time out from pre-expidition rehearsals to share his Top 10 Favourite albums.

1. Never Mind The Bollocks…….Sex Pistols.

Every generation has its alpha band- the band that kick started everything- in the fifties it was Elvis in the late seventies it was the Sex Pistols- the impact they had is still being felt now as a generation attempts to unravel the ticking timebomb they dumped into its midst

Kirk Brandon…

“This is where life started in the Underverse. ‘Bodies’ has the all time best intro of all time. Period.”

For number 2 in Kirk Brandon’s top 10 favourite albums go here.

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