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Kiran LeonardKiran Leonard: Grapefruit (Moshi Moshi)

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Erratic, exciting and at times serene, Kiran Leonard is one of the finest young musicians around and Grapefruit is the perfect testament to this!

Kiran Leonard is a musical polymath, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of music. Grapefruit is Leonard’s second full record, the follow up to the wonderfully eclectic Bowler Hat Soup. He places an exceptional amount of importance on the sequencing of a record and how it should sound. Grapefruit is a testament to this; in spite of its diversity the record works as a piece of music rather than merely being a collection of songs.

As the album opens with the distinctly calming and soothing Secret Police, but as it expands into this powerful blast of forceful sound. It reaches its cacophonous close before crashing into the epic Pink Fruit, this all encompassing track twists and turns from its gentle melodic elements to thrashing guitars and exciting passages that border free-jazz. Every time the track settles into a specific style, there’s an erratic change to turn it into something altogether different.

Grapefruit draws on a multitude of influences, from neo-classical, jazz to guitar based rock. It’s a melting pot of excitement. Whilst there is at times what feels like a lack of focus, this is what is great about the album; it flows beautifully but keeps you on your toes with this consistent intensity. A healthy sense of the unknown is never a bad thing, and Leonard’s constant willingness to experiment and adapt is perfect for this.

There is a delicacy to be found in some of Leonard’s tracks on Grapefruit; Caiaphas in Fetters has a genuine beauty. It sees him more reliant upon his exquisite vocal ability; it provides the perfect calm in what is otherwise a tour de force of an album. Whilst this serenity is short-lived it fits perfectly within the sequence of the album, which is what Leonard emphasises the importance of. So when the record is frantically changing and morphing around this variety of sounds, its all for a reason.

As the record comes to it’s typically eccentric crescendo, the wildness of the record all compounded into one final burst of enthusiastic energy. The record is impassioned, its packed with such a variety of intriguing and compelling sounds as well as a myriad of nuances. Every listen reveals something new, in all a beguiling and exceptional piece of music from one of the finest young musicians around.

Kiran Leonard can be found online here He is also on Facebook and he tweets as @MissyThis.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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