Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 23.44.35Dear Theresa May,

You are, of course, the worst prime minister in UK recent history.

Your lack of empathy is astonishing and you are presiding over a mess of your own making. The filthy greed of you and your party has created a toxic and dangerous situation with a country falling apart at the seams with austerity biting deep into the places you never have to go to. You and your greed of your good mates have ripped the heart and soul out of the UK .

You and your cronies may sneer about the ‘where are the magic money trees’ when you and the elite live in a forest of them surrounded by a nation ground down by this austerity you impose. The rich get richer – that’s been the mantra for decades – what was once an irritation and one of those sick givens of life has now become downright dangerous. Cuts in the police numbers weakening the nation’s security, treating the heroic fire fighters and the NHS with disdain and seeing pound signs before people has created a downright dangerous situation. And lets not even talk about the odious Boris Johnson…

Everyone has been saying it for years but the scrimping and saving and general greed that has created odious sharks like Phillip Green who ran off to what was called a yacht but looked like a floating city with the pension funds from BHS or the filthy greedy landlords fleecing this country and running the council blocks into their ground in the name of money and now have blood on their hands.

Theresa, all the penny pinching and mean spirited governance is stretching the fabric thin and asking for trouble. Grenfell Tower  is the Tory Party equivalent of Hurricane Katrina – the New Orleans disaster that helped bring to President Bush – the moment when ignored warnings from experts about cladding material was brushed aside probably in the race for profit whilst residents voices were ignored by the ‘leaders’ – the  voices of the public that are never listened to and now the victims of a totally unnecessary disaster with greed and ignorance of the lives of ordinary people have created a toxic and dangerous brew.

Theresa, it’s never too late to change. You are a christian – maybe look at the modest life of your mate, Jesus – the Jesus who kicked over the money lenders tables and shared his bread and fish with thousands – trying and get in touch with the core of humanity that pops up now and then in the bible – who knows it might even do you some good.

We can’t go on living with the coaltion of chaos running the nation, this dangerous mess you have created and the proven over and over danger of austerity. This is not the UK I want to live in and not one that the great public deserve.



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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Here, here. Britain is not purely about the accumulation of wealth and power at any cost.

    The very people that you are so dispassionate about are same very ones who put he “Great” in Great Britain. You are completely out of touch and need to make way for a more caring Britain, one that we can all be genuinely proud to live in.

  2. Stand aside before your reputation becomes remembered for all what is wrong with your style of Governenet and leadership.

  3. hi-ya mate,
    ” worst prime minister in UK recent history.”
    “recent”-how far back do u think one would have to go back to find a worse one! ;)

  4. Her credability has been that of Icarus. She went too close to The Sun (newspaper) and has been found out. What ever brand of Christianity she adheres to seems to be similar to that of Tim Farron, given she is in bed with the homophobic, anti abortionist, DUP. Another election looks to be weeks away. June has brought about the end of May – in my opinion. However, the popularist manifesto of Corbyn, while buying votes and altering the course of UK PLC, looks to be the riskier BREXIT route. If she really has leadership qualities then your appeal to find those qualities could be the making of her. I won’t hold my breath. GB needs a young, energetic, Macron style leader and party to rejuvenate our escape from the corrupt EU cartel. Where is our new age 21st century Messiah? Where the fuck is PR?

  5. ps i would request your; re worst primeMinister perhaps
    excluding too recent! eg

    a)Tory Blair (iraq war ,PFI, ADMITING HE LUCKY DUE TO international ECONOMIC BOOM which he had no influence on-&economically acting in economically irrational opposite way-eg should invest ,not sell national assets ..etc-Also Gorden Brown sell gold at worst price etc)…If it hadnt been for his red rossete ,..i would have thought he was a tory………..-or opportunist

    b) thatcher et al………………..again only economic superficially look ok ,because about 16% of GDP increase due to North sea oil,& selling of national assets-at ridiculously low price

  6. Yes – she’s really abysmal, but low on the list of transgressors in my (prob overinflated) opinion. May is merely a minion, a wee handmaiden of the heirarchy with little or no imagination to be an architect of our downfall. The door was kicked in by Thatcher and the rot truly embedded with Blair – Thatcher’s “Greatest achievement”. He laid the neo-liberal cuckoo eggs in Labour’s nest, feathered it with PFIs and ensuing boomtime deregulation faked the high we needed to congratulate ourselves on being New Labour. I could go on, but I feel sick every time I think of it. FFS – it’s all so bloody obvious now. Isn’t it? JC is not perfect, but let’s hope he stays on message as he has for last umpteen years. And let’s hope we don’t squander the deaths of these people on more acceptance of the absolute bollocks we’ve meekly prevaricated over all these years.

  7. Well said John, you have voiced what millions feel. Her “brief” visit there yesterday smacked of a necessary show of face rather than any real concern or sympathy- I would never suggest empathy as she has proven on numerous occasions that is an emotion alien to her-for those affected. Anyone with a heart has been affected by what happened in London and feels for those involved. I would require a medical certificate signed by
    at least three doctors to prove that Mrs May is actually in possession of one of those.

  8. Well said Jon, eloquent as always.

    My question for a Theresa May is how many times can you run away, lie, or hide when you cant handle a situation? You ran from face to face challenges on TV during the run up to the election, you lied to the Queen when you said you were in a position to form a government when it was clear to everyone (apart from you) that it wasnt true as no deal had been done. But for me, the icing was put on your shitty cake yesterday when you bottled it again by not talking to the residents who are heartbroken, distressed and desperate. You droned on about strong and stable leadership but when have you ever shown it? When have you ever shown an ounce of humanity, sympathy or empathy? In the name of all those who have been through a terrible tradgedy lately, for the sake of the reputation of our country and for your own sanity go now, please just go.

  9. How short the memories are of some people. Do they not remember the terrible mess which the country was left in by the last Labour government? Running the country is not an easy matter, especially when the population itself can’t agree on what it actually wants. Who would you rather put in Mrs May’s place, may I ask? Mr Corbyn? Well, far less than half the country voted for him too, as they fear we would be thrown back to the dark days of the 70’s with mass nationalisation, no national security and even more terrorists flocking into the country to blow up our children. None of them are perfect and it is impossible for any of them to achieve everything everyone of us wants personally. All we can do is get behind the one we have voted in and work together. It is the responsibility of us all to make our country great, not just one woman on her own.

    • The ‘terrible mess’ that labour left – do you mean the world recession started by the American banks and bankers? Yet another example of the greed that is espoused by the Tories ruining the planet? Security? hardly secure now with the Tories in power is it? some of the worst terror attacks in our history on their watch – cuts in the police a key part of this problem. Cuts and more cuts and trying to blame governments from decades ago – how very Tory. We didn’t vote her in. We won’t get behind her. She won’t get behind us. Theresa May and her government are a disaster.

    • Oh dear Robes. Not only have you deluded yourself into thinking that Ms May is not the architect of her own misfortune. You also appear to have swallowed the mainstream media bull on Corbyn too. That’s a double whammy of self-deception. I am not a Labour supporter. But it seems to me that they at least went to bother of costing out their manifesto before publishing it. A task which the Tories under May clearly thought needless due to their absolute certainty of victory. Being blinded by party political interests doesn’t serve a party well. But neither does it serve the individual when they cannot see the magic money tree for the forest of tax avoidance.

    • I basically agree with Robes. Their is far too much stone throwing here. “Let he is without sin etc:” As a nation, we need stability.
      We and the media are famous for mud slinging. We seem to gloat in our own downfall.
      I am not fooled into thinking that JC is the answer. He has pandered to those who wanted to hear his words. He simply bought those votes. He is nowhere near the mark of a leader of our nation. For now we have TM. For God and Britains sake. Get behind the government in power. Lets get through this temporary mess of Brexit and work to make something of “This Sceptered Isle”
      Human beings are flawed. None are perfect. We know we are going to go through a tough time because the EU cronies club will set an example to those who might wish to follow us. We have Spine and Guts as a nation of peoples. We have the skills to survive this.
      Show patience and tolerance. We will get through this..TOGETHER.

  10. Excellent summary of the current sad state of affairs. We are increasingly, a divided society, and the political class need to grasp the concept of the Gettysburg address…a government of the people, for the people, by the people. These politicians are our servants..not us theirs.

  11. and we thought only the Northern part of the Uk was ignored constantly, even her rich followers are appalled at the lack of concern in her handling of this crisis, disgraceful .

  12. Chairman May, or Maggie 2.0 ( whichever you prefer ) is well on course to prevent the Tory party from being in power for many decades to come. This once proud nation needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, not ground up.


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