Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman found! In the desert!

Jaz Coleman, who was declared missing two weeks ago has been located in the Western Sahara – which is where, oddly, one of our readers spotted him two weeks ago!

Long term Killing Joke watchers will not be surprised at the news or surprised at Jaz’s explanation with the frontman saying he was surprised that her had been any fuss to his whereabouts on his Facebook page.

“I’ve been finishing my book and writing the score for my new project (The Nirvana Symphonic), what’s all the fuss about then?”

As ever busy with several projects he is working on a solo album, a book and TV score all out there in the mystical desert.

Whether Killing Joke will be doing the controversial tour with the Mission and the Cult still remains a moot point and is looking very unlikely now. Referring the post that appeared on his Facebook page, Jaz explained that he didn’t make the post but the nature of it made the tour difficult to do now.

“Looks like this has caused a right ding dong and feel it’s impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances.”


God knows where this leaves the whole situation…


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  1. Too old for a boy, look at that face! The Sahara is a big place; which part was he in? Clearly not all of it at the same time unless he has transmigrated. As usual some Killing Joke fans started all their boring bitching from behind the safety of their corporate elect internet service enslavers. Some of these immature Gatherers should really learn to do THE WAIT!


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