Apocolypse Now! Killing Joke new album and film
Killing Joke to pull out of Cult/Mission tour?
Apocolypse Now! Killing Joke to quit tour?

It’s rumoured that Killing Joke are to pull out of the September tour with the Cult and the Mission. Whether this is true or not will be cleared up soon.

The rumour has been pumped up by a statement on the Mission’s site but doused by the fact that Killing Joke’s own site still has a ticket link for the tour, it’s all very confusing.

Hopefully not true as this was going to be one of the highlights of the autumn for us here at LTW…

A statement was put up on Killing Joke’s Facebook stating this and then pulled down. This turns out to have been from a fan of the band and not from Jaz himself and a statement is due from Killing Joke maybe clarifying the situation…

A statement now appears on the Mission’s Facebook page from Wayne Hussey attempting to explain the confusion…

A statement from Wayne re: Killing Joke

Well, we’ve been asked a few times over the last few days if we know what, exactly, is happening with Killing Joke and the Cult tour. The simple answer is no, we don’t.
We only know as much as any of you that have read Jaz Coleman’s (alleged) outburst on Facebook the other day and in light of that statement (that has since been taken down from the Killing Joke Facebook page we must add) I think the promoters have conceded that Killing Joke ARE puling out of the shows.
We have tried to contact the band through their management, agents, and promoters and it seems that no one is any the wiser and the band have gone incommunicado. I haven’t seen or spoken with Jaz for getting on for 20 years but always got on very well with him and we enjoyed a lot of mutual respect, I believe. And I, personally, empathise and echo some of Jaz’s sentiments. Agreeing to play these shows was always about the event for me, 3 great bands for the price of one. And, like KJ, the opportunity to extend our audience by playing to people that maybe wouldn’t ordinarily come and see us play. Now, I wouldn’t call that ‘stealing’ as such but I’m certainly looking forward to ‘converting’ a few. I’m as disappointed as anyone that it now seems KJ won’t be there as I was looking forward to seeing them again, and looking forward to following them onto stage every night for a week. I know they are a formidable live band and most bands would be full of trepidation knowing they had to follow KJ every night but I was looking forward to the challenge and believed it would actually make us raise our game. It was The Cult I felt sorry for, having to follow Killing Joke AND The Mission. Now that would be tough for any band but knowing Ian and Billy I’m sure they’ll have the same attitude as us and it’ll make them raise their game.
Whilst it’s true that if we’d have been asked in the first place to play the venues we are now playing after the downsize from arenas we certainly would’ve thought twice as, just like Killing Joke, these are venues that we could easily play on our own but we committed to the tour and now aim to see that commitment through. And we are looking forward to it. I emphasise, WE, THE MISSION, ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.
Now, in the event that it is finally confirmed that KJ have pulled out, the promoters are searching for another band to take their place. I, personally, hope they don’t find anyone else. People that have already bought tickets have bought tickets to see The Cult, The Mission and, admittedly, Killing Joke. The fact that KJ aren’t now gonna be there should be looked as an opportunity for us and The Cult to actually be able to play for longer to people that have bought tickets to see us, not a miscellaneous band that has been drafted in at the last moment to fill a gap. Let The Mission and The Cult fill that gap by playing longer sets. Logistically it would make life a lot easier with the changeovers etc. Makes sense to me and I’d prefer it now that it seems Killing Joke aren’t gonna be there.
If, by chance, this message gets to Jaz, or any of the Killing Joke boys, I’d just like to say that I will miss you at these shows and I was looking forward to reacquainting myself with you all. And, I understand your motives for pulling out. It doesn’t surprise me and it was something we did consider ourselves, although only fleetingly, when the venues were downsized. Hopefully our paths will cross again at some other time in the not too distant future.
OK, on a more upbeat note I’d just like to say a quick thank you to all the people that came and helped make my solo show in Sao Paulo a week or so ago such a good night. I hope to be playing more of these before the year’s end. And, just in case you hadn’t heard, during a Tv interview that I did here in Brazil (see link below) I did let it slip that Craig, Simon, Mike, and myself are planning to record a new Mission album over the next 12 months. Before we all get carried away just let me say that we first have to write the songs and that’s usually quite a lengthy process. We anticipate starting to record the album in Spring time hopefully in time for an autumn 2013 release. We’d be interested to hear what you’d expect from a new Mission album, not that we’ll take any heed.
And lastly, I’m particularly looking forward to the two upcoming Blood Brother shows, that band is going places. Well, Southampton and Nottingham for a start.I’ll be able to see the white of your eyes, not that you’ll be able see mine”¦”¦
P.S. I’ve just heard that the Facebook statement that was allegedly from Jaz wasn’t at all but from a fan that was hanging out with the band recently in Prague who paraphrased some of the comments made by Jaz and the band and took it upon himself to post it online. Apparently KJ are preparing their own statement which we wait for with bated breath and which will also confirm that they are still apparently pulling out of the tour. And Jaz, if it’s true you are recording in Argentina in the new year let me know and I’ll pop over and see you. Not far from here.

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  1. Just a quick message to all three bands. Drop the primadonna attitude, none of you are what could be described as “big” bands, the failure of the sale of arena tickets should tell you that. Just remember the fans, the people who put you where you are, and keep you there to this day. Stop flouncin’ an’ get playin’ …

  2. Seriously hope Killing Joke are playing. They’re the main reason I was going. And mush as I loved the Mission in the early days, they jumped the shark a few decades back, I really think that third band is going to be necessary.

  3. While the arena tour was a nice idea, they were never going to sell many more tickets combined as their individual audiences are by-and-large the same people. Shame on KJ for not sucking it up and honouring their commitment to the people who’ve shelled out fifty quid to see them. The Neph have been touring this year – stick them on the bill instead.

  4. Yes Andrew your right these people are Primadonnas (Rock Stars), but just because they are not as “Big” as Modern Mediocrity like Muse or Kings Of Leon doesn’t make me think any less or more of them.

  5. Interestingly Killing Joke have now announced this, a £195 a head gig in a recording studio. Looks like money IS their god after all.



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