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The long awaited and much anticipated Killing Joke film, The Death and Resurrection Show, is finally coming to cinemas across the UK from October 2015. To date, the film has only been screened once in the UK at BFI Southbank in February 2015 – a screening that sold out within days of being announced.

In his magnificent book on the post-punk period Rip It Up and Start Again, Simon Reynolds dares to sum up Killing Joke’s resounding personality in a single line: “a post-punk version of heavy metal, a death-disco Black Sabbath”. And one can’t help but imagine Jaz Coleman, vociferous alma mater of the legendary English group, spitting fire and spouting Maori curses from his cabin on Great Barrier Island (New Zealand) upon hearing such an efficient and mundane definition of his greatest life project. For this giant ­–scholar and megalomaniac with a shamanic soul– as for his partners, Geordie Walker, “Big” Paul Ferguson, Youth and Paul Raven, Killing Joke’s music is and forever will be sacred. Larger than life. A basic urge, impregnated with mysticism that conjures ancestral spirits while setting the (martial) pace of a collapsing world on the brink of Armageddon. And if anyone thinks we’re exaggerating, they need only hear what they have to say in the documentary The Death and Resurrection Show.

Killing Joke have innovated, amazed, shocked and repulsed throughout their careers, creating an influence that has stretched throughout the industry from Dave Grohl to Nigel Kennedy, Jimmy Page, Hinewehi Mohi or the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Famously described as “the sound of the earth vomiting” there isn’t another band, or music documentary, in the world like this one. A feature length documentary, The Death and Resurrection Show charts the turbulent, dramatic and often unbelievable journey of the British post-punk industrial legends.

The film explores the progression of the band and their music; the in-fights, splits, reformations, legal tussles and side projects into classical and trance music, but it also delves deep into the other side of Killing Joke and its core members. Brought together by a ritual ceremony performed in London, the 30 year experience that followed saw them constantly experimenting with the ritual, esoteric and mystical in their lives and their music. The film brings together three decades of archive footage with two decades of never before seen new documentary footage and unprecedented access to the members of Killing Joke, their management, music producers, industry figures and associates.

Coming to selected cinemas across the UK from October 2015, created by ILC Production’s lifelong Gatherer and filmmaker Shaun Pettigrew with underground British indie Coffee Films and Killing Joke. Featuring interviews with members of the band past and present, Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl, Peter Hook, Chris Kimsey, Sir Laurence Gardner, Dr Cornelius Van Dorp, ET, Tony Assassin and Alex Paterson; The Death and Resurrection Show will be with you shortly before the tribulation.

With plenty more to be added, confirmed screenings of THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION SHOW to date are as follows:

October 2nd: Sensoria Festival, Sheffield

Ocober 2nd: Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

October 16th: Queens Film Theatre, Belfast

October 16th: First Site Cinema, Colchester

November 1st: Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow

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