Kevin Ayers dies aged 68


Kevin Ayers dies aged 68

News has just reached us that singer-songwriter and founding member of pioneering psychedelic band Soft Machine Kevin Ayers has died.

Ayers died at his home in the village of Montolieu, France. He is survived by two daughters; Rachel Ayers and Galen Ayers – and his sister Kate.

At this time the cause of death is unreported; Ayers had prior to living in France had lived in Ibiza for several years, where he battlled with an addiction to heroin.

BBC DJ John Peel wrote in his autobiography that “Kevin Ayers’ talent is so acute you could perform major eye surgery with it…His last album was ‘Unfairground‘, which was recorded in New York City, Tucson, Arizona, and London in 2006

More info as we get it…

Update: According to a report by The Telegraph, Ayers was found by a neighbour at his home at around lunchtime on Tuesday (February 19). It is thought he died on February 18. A note was found by Ayers’ bed, reading, “You can’t shine if you don’t burn.”

Tributes have begun to appear online – Luke Haines took to Twitter “Oh no Kevin Ayers. Very mad, very bad, (gave not one hoot) very great. Very sad. Bugger.” @LukeHaines_News;

Kevin Ayers: 16 August 1944, Herne Bay, Kent – 18 February 2013


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  1. This is a real shame – one of the best who never got his just desserts while many lesser talents got praised as geniuses- RIP Kevin Ayers

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