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Kendal Calling logoKendal Calling has introduced the Luna 9 stage, a 360degree audio-visual dome, and annouced amongst other acts there will be an immersive performance of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

The cutting-edge stage uses the inside of the dome as a projection screen which when mixed with audio and visuals creates multi-dimensional illusions.

Also on the stage over the weekend will be a daytime programme including a special show of DJ Food’s new album Search Engine, DJ Cheeba and Pete Fowler’s Seahawks.

In the evening the dome will be transformed into a party zone, following the overall space theme of this year’s festival, with the Cosmic Disco, Supercluster Space Rave and Via Domus (the way home).

Kendal Calling is held at Lowther Deer Park in Cumbria, 1-3 August 2014. More information on the website.

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