Kelley DealKelley Deal is the twin sister of Pixies bassist Kim Deal and nearly joined the iconic band herself as drummer. She eventually joined the Breeders and is now tour her own new project R Ring. They describe themselves as ‘R. Ring is Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery. It is voices, guitars and keys. It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song which is a pretty accurate description of their, ahem, muse.

Check out their website.

Kelley Deal’s top 5 albums

1. Fresh New Eyes by Brainiac.

Hailing from the same city as Kelley, Dayton Ohio, Braniac were a highly original synth laced post punk band who disbanded after the tragic death of their singer, Tim Taylor in 1997.

2. Sycamore Trees by Little Jimmy Scott. (Song)

Jimmy Scott (born July 17, 1925, also known as “Little” Jimmy Scott) is an American jazz vocalist famous for his unusually high contralto voice, which is due to Kallmann’s syndrome, a very rare genetic condition. The condition stunted his growth at four feet eleven inches until, at age 37, he grew another 8 inches to the height of five feet seven inches. The condition prevented him from reaching puberty, leaving him with a high, undeveloped voice, hence his nickname “Little” Jimmy Scott.


3. Eureka by The Grifters. (EP)

Off the wall Memphis based band whose indie pop has many intersting .twists and turns.


4. Sqwubbsy by Droolian. (LP)


Julain Cope’s fuck the label, stand of independence Lo Fi 6th album released a s a stand against Island Records wishes.


5. Seasons by Steve Miller (Song)

From the third album, Brave New World from American classic, Steve Miller Band.

Mike from R. Ring also picked five as well:

1. ‘Left and Leaving’ The Weakerthans (LP)

Ex punk heroes Prperghandi’s next project, the more melodic indie shakes of the Weakerthans…




2. Any song Keith Morris sings.

The iconic former Black Flag frontman’s brattish vocal defined early American hardcore and now sounds great in OFF.



3. ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ Dinosaur Jr (LP)

Classic Pre grunge noisy guitar stuff from J. Mascis featuring those classic solos. The video for Freak Scene was filmed in John Robb, LTW boss’s back garden.



4. ‘Ragin’ Full On’ fIREHOSE (LP)

The post Minutemen band put together after D. Boon’s tragic death.


5. ‘Sister’ Sonic Youth


The classic Sonic Youth album. That combined all their great moments from bubblegum to freak guitar noise.






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