b86706_735deba6cf2a46b6aaeee9f69c87242c_jpg_srz_464_530_75_22_0_50_1_20_0The great Keith Levene was one of the founder members of the Clash. He played the key early shows including their debut supporting the Sex Pistols in Sheffield and the London shows that cemented the band’s reputation. It’s one of punk rock’s intriguing ‘what ifs…’ the idea of what the band would have sounded like if he had continued in them. What we are left with are small scraps of intriguing sonic archaeology like these six live tracks…


  1. Cool, should bring this out as a C.D. with a booklet of all those early pics of the Clash from
    1976. It should have been included in the Clash
    Box set ‘ SOUND SYSTEM ‘, as a bookend along with Cut the Crap.
    Then we would have had’ THE REAL STORY OF
    THE CLASH’, and not had certain people airbrushed from THE CLASH HISTORY!

  2. absolutely Tony. M8 its criminal the way the Clash airbrushed Keith from their history.

    thanks Louderthan War for sharing these and of course Mr Levene.

  3. My friend Jon was at the Sheffield Sex Pistols gig when a new band called The Clash supported. I’m only a little bit jealous…


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