The ProdigyThe Prodigy’s Keith Flint has cleared up the internet rumours about him and hunting that were doing the rounds this weekend by releasing  statement.

The Prodigy’s frontman, as we suspected, didn’t actually go hunting as hunting is illegal at the moment in the UK even if many Tories want to bring it back. There was wide spread surprise and even a statement from anonymous that Keith Flint would be chasing foxes but this statement he has released clears up the situation.


“In regards to a story going around about me right now – yes I live in essex and have a couple of horses. I went riding with the local trail hunt, it was a ride out and NO ANIMALS WERE HUNTED OR KILLED, so my conscience is clear, it wasn’t my thing and I won’t be going again.”

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  1. Appalling grammar. I appreciate LTW are unpaid and do a sterling job but, does anyone check copy before its published?

  2. i find you a total hypocrite , you ride out with evil cruel morons and say you won t do it again , and you torture animals and are seen looking at guns , what would you need a gun for .i find it such a shame when people who like yourself make lots of money and think that these are the type of people you need to associate with just because you live in the country, that not what the country people are like we are law abiding people who respect our countryside and all living creature who have as much right to be here as you do . so i suggest you take a long hard look at yourself because right now your not doing yourself any favours . you certainly won t gain respect if you think living in the country means associating with those who inflict utter cruelty on OUR WILDLIFE

  3. Jeez Bridget – heard of clay pigeon shooting?

    Give the guy a break, he clearly loves animals , he keeps horses. And why not, his schedule in a high profile chart group means he has earned the chance to get out and enjoy the countryside . Better this than the unhealthy pastimes common in the music business ? I am anti-blood-sports, but this kind of rumour mongering does the anti-hunt lobby lobby no favours.

    KF was not endorsing killing animals. At least respected his neighbours enough to try the trail hunt himself rather than condemning without seeing for himself. He admits it was not his scene but is richer for the personal experience informing that choice. And no animals were harmed .

    It’s a shame the man is hounded like this.


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