Kay Carroll RIP (Former manager and mentor of Mark E Smith and The Fall)We are sorry to hear of the death of Kay Carroll who was one of the key figures from the early days of The Fall. The manager of the band, she was also a very close confidante of Mark E Smith and certainly a big driving force in the acerbic acidic early days of the band.

Paul Hanley the band’s drummer from part of that period and now great music book writer just tweeted.


‘Just heard that Kay Bateman (known to Fall fans as Kay Caroll) has died. She was a big part of the early Fall story. She was one of the few people who could put MES in his place for a start. I’m also eternally grateful that she made me do my A-levels! RIP.’

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  1. I met her and the band at a gig in Grimsby, 1980. We had an almost heated disagreement about Lou Reed’s “Take no Prisoners” live album. I lived in Manchester, and thereafter encountered Kay several more times. She was always really nice and friendly to me, and put me on a ‘permanent’ guest list that lasted quite a while. At a sold-out ICA gig later that year she managed to get me and three other mates in on back-stage passes. She was so nice, but tough too. At one gig that year, a bottle was thrown which winged Smith on the forehead. Kay was straight up on stage, facing the audience…”You don’t fucking do that!” And they didn’t!


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