OK OK…you have had enough of kate Bush- it’s all a bit media luvvie/website twattery/BBC/Guardianista/Islington night out for most people. You want your right of reply and you are busily typing away now…

Fed up with universal media love of course you are poised at the keyboard with your diatribe and you have every right to slate the reviewer/artist/state of the planet for allowing such a thing to happen. Preferably you will have the nerve to do this under your own name but these days it’s usually under an assumed mantle.

One ‘music critic’ even wrote that at her age would her dancing be ‘becoming’ sounding like some crusty colonel sat on some sort of long lost balcony in the empire.

Despite all that we still love her music and her artful madness and we understood that you feel battered by words and have every right to scream ‘but, but I just don’t like her’, ‘I just don’t get her..’ that’s totally fair enough- that’s art for you- what brings some people to tears sounds like the scraping of fingernails down a blackboard to others- as writers we will do our best to persuade you to listen to all types of stuff that’s what we do.

Most people shrug their shoulders at our whims and our musical loves, some get very pissed off and say so- that’s what the comments section is for and as an artist/writer you know that’s part of the game but what is really out of order is the comments that have sprouted up on many national paper web sites about the Kate Bush gigs .

Instead of saying they don’t get it/don’t like the music/think it’s all hype there are large swathes of the usual ‘under a pseudonym’ comments about her weight for fucks sake…the Daily Telegraph review has several comments from middle England yakking on that she does not look like she is 19 any more. No-one here is saying that you can’t make bitchy remarks about someone’s body but surely there is a better level of criticism than that don’t you think?

To be honest Kate Bush at 56 doesn’t look much different but this hardly matters- I don’t see these people angrily reaching for their keyboards when the Pixies get endless great reviews saying that Frank Black is slightly larger than he used to be or why are you reviewing Tom Waits – he looks a bit grizzled now! or that Elton John had become fuller in figure. Why do these keyboard warriors, these anonymous individuals feel they are allowed to type such shite about people? can’t they get to the point and slag off the music/performance?


Of course the get out is that pop music is all about appearance and if you go on stage then you are asking for it but in many cases that is just not the context. Kate Bush like any artist stands and falls on her music, her voice and her performance that is all- like every performer everyone has the right to hate any of those parts of the perfoamnce but whining on about her weight is bizarre, rude and pathetic and out of order.

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  1. Agreed! Her voice is still powerful and beautiful enough to move mountains! If her body shape and size is what causes someone to pan her performances its only because there is NOTHING in her show to negatively critique and the most miserable among us HUNGER for something, ANYTHING, to dump their shit on. Hey, a middle aged woman’s body is an easy target and mean people thrive on low hanging fruit, even if its rotten.


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