Kate Bush has made a short film starring Robbie Coltrane, Frances Barber, and Noel Fielding to the accompany the release of her current single ‘Deeper Understanding’

The film will be on YOUTUBE.COM/KATEBUSHMUSIC from April 26th. and available on itunes as well. there is a preview clip of the film on youtube up at the moment.

Kate Bush, who releases her new album “Director’s Cut” on May 16, has directed an incredible short film to accompany the release of her current single “Deeper Understanding”.

The film stars Robbie Coltrane as a successful businessman who is so obsessed by his computer that it leads to the break-up of his family (Frances Barber plays his wife).

Coltrane enters into a relationship with his computer programme (played by Albert, Kate’s son) and falls in love with his new ”Ëœfriend’ who offers him love and understanding. When the programme is forced to leave him and is loaded into a computer owned by a younger man (played by Noel Fielding), Coltrane is thrown into a jealous rage and sets out to retrieve his love from the hands of his rival.

The film is directed by Kate and produced by Michael Solinger. It was shot over 4 days in London by Director of Photography Roger Pratt. The amazing visual effects were worked on by Ben Perrott of Destroy All Monsters and Matthias Lindahl from Fido.

“Deeper Understanding”, first released in 1989, is perhaps even more relevant today as technology and computers begin to play an increasingly dominant role in our lives.

The album “Director’s Cut” is released on May 16.

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