Kataklysm – Winnipeg – live review

Park Theatre and Cafe, Winnipeg, MB
24 August 2012

Live review

As heavy and brutal as you could hope for from a Friday night metal show but with a heart-warming display of the solidarity of the mosh.

After a week of reading horror stories about shoot-outs at the Empire State Building, mass murder in Syria, war spreading to Lebanon, violent protests in Egypt and Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger tying the knot, it was the metal heads that pulled out the feel good win of the week!

It was Friday night. I was itching to see some live music. There were a number of choices in town. But, the best option looked like the death metal show at the Park Theatre; an old movie theatre converted into a great dark, cavernous venue.

I expected to go, have my ears blasted out, go home and write a review about how brutal, loud and crazy it was. Well, it was that, indeed. But I also walked away feeling an unexpected warmth in my heart.

I got to the show a wee bit late, and sadly missed half the bands on the bill. I was looking forward to seeing Fleshgod Apocolypse, but that didn’t happen. Oh well.

Origin just hit the stage when I went in. Wow, what a band; amazingly heavy (apparently, their genre is “technical death metal. Who knew there was such a subgenre??), with a lead singer (Jason Keyser) with tons of personality who was so much fun to watch. Anyone who thinks that there is no humor in death metal is dead wrong.

Origin put on a good, entertaining FUN show”¦centered around the theme of death and doom.

Anyway, while Origin was playing I noticed this guy up at the front of the stage, a very tall character who was totally in to what was going on. But, his movements and gestures suggested that he was blind. Well, he ended up on stage somehow. And, that’s when my eyes started to tear up.

The lead singer started to talk to the crowd about how if someone stage dives, pick them up, treat them well, be good to each other.

What he really seemed to be trying to do was give the blind fellow the sense that he could trust what was going to happen next. A crowd gathered before him, and the singer guided him towards a stage dive. He jumped into the crowd and they pulled through, giving this kid with a beaming smile a beautiful experience.

Yes! So impressed by how the singer didn’t point out that this guy was blind and we had to treat him differently. No, he was one of the crowd. He was a person, not a special case. And that’s the way it should be. He was a fan. Period.

And he was just one of a quite diverse crowd, with girls, guys, black, white, native, super skinny, a bit larger, and of course, death metal nerds”¦all diving, smashing, wall of deathing and thrashing around!

And, then Canada’s very own, 21 year veteran death metal band who I had never actually listened to before they took the stage, Kataklysm, destroyed the place with straight on ultra-heavy music.

Sweaty bodies slammed into each other in a friendly way, people sang, devils horns were thrown and lots and lots of hair was flung around.

To sum it up, it was a death metal show. The End.

All words by Chris Hearn. You can read more from Chris on LTW here.

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