IMG_0168In the roll call of hipsters wearing band T shirts this is the most unlikely one yet.

In the past few years we have seen, of course, the Ramones T shirt colonised to death with da brudders logo more often mistaken for a clothing company than an actual band. Motorhead are suffering the same fate and metal band t shirts are often worn by airheads attempting to look fashion mag cool.

So here is Kanye with the My Bloody Valentine t shirt – a shirt you just don’t see that often. Is the controversial rapper attempting to add to some indie cred to his arsenal? We think not.

On his last album he sampled a Section 25 song which he had sourced himself so seems to be a fan of the post punk oeuvre – could there be yet another pay day coming for the Valentines? We hope so financially and artistically – the Kanye take on Section 25 was the best track on his last album and these kind of cross culture clashes always create fascinating sparks…


  1. Do all those people going crazy over or posting news stories about Kanye wearing a My Bloody Valentine t-shirt have potato for lunch and dinner every day?


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