Kaizers Orchestra’s Last Dance – Party Til Du Dør

Infamous Norwegian 6-piece Kaizers Orchestra, recently performed their ‘Siste Dans’ (last dance) concerts at the DNB arena in Stavanger, Norway. 9 sold out shows, 5,500 adoring fans per night, a 3 hour set – this was no funeral, it was the mother of all celebrations.

Oh, the drama, oh, the tears, oh, the heartbreak. I couldn’t attend any shows of the Siste Dans tour. Perhaps this was a blessing. One could only imagine the emotion and angst – the feeling of never, EVER seeing this band perform live again – that would conjure in my very being. I felt it though, by proxy. Via the army of friends and Kaizerfans utilising social media to relay to the band, to each other (and themselves) that this could not possibly be real. It can’t end. I don’t think even The Beatles splitting has caused such a furore. But it’s over. Ta da and takk. See you in the next incarnation.

While the future of Kaizers Orchestra the band may be uncertain, Kaizers Orchestra “the brand” is going strong – they plan to transform the Violeta Violeta trilogy – a complex series of music that tells the magical story of young Violeta, a girl with a highly dysfunctional family and transcendental psychic ability – into staged musical theatre. This seems to be a well thought out progression for writing team Janove Ottesen and Geir Zhal – to stretch their creative muscle into a structured and mainstream product – to reach a wider audience. Thankfully, KO rhythm guitarist Terje Winterstø Røthing’s acclaimed second project, punk-metal-core Skambankt (Website HERE), are planning to rev up a gear or 2, much to the fans’ relief.

Thank you Kaizers Orchestra; for the insanely epic toons, for teaching me a wee bit of Norsk, for allowing me to meet other, like-minded lunatics – some of which have become like family – and for the best gigs I have ever had the good fortune to attend. Good luck. I look forward to your future. May the Kaizerpassion never die. Adieu fellas.


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All words by Elisabeth Robson. More writing by Elisabeth on Louder Than War can be found here.

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Elisabeth's interest in indie music began in the NYC punk and hardcore scene in the early 80's before moving to London in 1985 where she continued to both play and write. Always the bridesmaid, she has played gigs in lots of bands alongside such notables as The Fall, Bob Rock, some dude from Toto and Girlschool, but put away the bass (gave it away, actually) in 1992. These days she prefers to hunt down new music with the ferocity of a wild animal and 'out' hidden talent. She has a particular interest in Scandinavian (especially Norwegian) indie music - “because it is SO very unusual, and they usually despise us - I like that”, and endeavors to break away from the mendacity and mundanity of mainstream music journalism.


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