Kaiser Chiefs claim that ‘rock music is it an all time low’

Is rock dead?

According to an interview quoted in the NME the Kaiser Chiefs have claimed that rock music is at an ‘all time low’ citing lack of rock bands on traditional indie and rock festival bills.

Kaiser Chiefs’ Nick Hodgson has claimed that guitar music “is at an all-time

Hodgson said: It’s a strange time to be in a band. We all know guitar music is at an all-time low.
He went on to cite the lack of festival spots for guitar groups as evidence for the wane in interest, adding: “You look at the line-up at V Festival and there were only four or five bands. Very few bands which started when we di have stood the test of time.”

In October, Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson had also admitted he was worried for the future of guitar bands. “Necessity is the mother of invention and there will always be music,” he said. “Whether it will be a viable career for five guys with guitars I’m not sure at the moment but you know, they’ll be there in a garage somewhere.”

Are they right? Was the relative lack of impact of their last album part of this process?

Can we site the corporate festivals putting on pop bands as a measure of the death of rock?

In Europe rock and indie is as big as ever…Rammstein easily sell out stadiums all over the world, is it a case that alternative media is out of touch and ignoring the true alternative of rock and metal?

Or have things moved On and have we got new bands?

And what about metal? It’s bigger than ever…

Also what about the Stone Roses return…a lot of tickets soldthere…

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  1. There’s room for everything in music… Hodgson sounds like he’s making excuses for why his band aren’t still relevant or not writing good songs anymore? It does seem that a bands career may only span an album or two as rather than a lifetime these days though, which is a massive shame.

  2. I watched some of the V Festival coverage on tv and did not ‘wish I was there’ largely as the lack of genuine bands on show.

    Whilst I like most genres of music I couldn’t see me and my mates standing through Chase N Status , N Dubz and Rhianna to see the Arctic Monkeys who I think may have clashed with Primal Scream.

    The last Kaiser Chiefs effort was weak though!

  3. httpss://www.contactmusic.com/news/ricky-wilson-takes-to-the-stage-in-war-of-the-worlds-revamp_1298264


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