Kadavar: Manchester – live review

Manchester Deaf Institute 
October 27th 2013

With retro the order of the night, Kadavar brought their classic, doom laden riffs to Manchester’s Deaf Institute.

Music goes in cycles and in recent years there has been a solid market for the reincarnation of classic rock. Bands like The Answer, Black Stone Cherry and Graveyard have all successfully used different aspects of their influences and fused them into a fresh sounding mix. 

At Manchester’s excellent Deaf Institute, Those Rotten Thieves, Buffalo Summer and Kadavar all brought something different from the past to help create a night of blues fuelled, psychedelic grooves for the masses.

Manchester’s own trio by the name of Those Rotten Thieves give an admirable showing with their straight up rock and roll sound. With much of the crowd still assembling, the band began to warm up the crowd. Welsh quartet, Buffalo Summer, are a different proposition. With the crowd now swelling a little more, Buffalo Summer brought a bluesier sound that invokes the spirit of Free. The vocals throughout are impassioned and in particular, the rhythm section are tight as a nut.

With retro the order of the night, and with The Deaf Institute suitably full, Berlin’s Kadavar took the stage for around 75 minutes of fantastic doom laden psychedelic rock workouts. With beards and hair flying in all directions, the band were clinical in their delivery of a set list that spanned a healthy selection from both of the bands full length releases.


Doomsday Machine’s feisty pace is offset by Christoph Lindemann’s howling vocal and searing lead guitar work that, as with Buffalo Summer, is held together by a rhythm section of the highest order. Christoph Bartelt’s drumming technique is mesmerising throughout, and to top it, the band as a whole look like they’re enjoying their Sunday evening in Manchester.

As the set progressed, the band entered into a fine selection from the band’s debut release. The tracks all seemed to merge into one big jam session as the band seemed to play fast and loose for large portions of the tracks. Goddess of Dawn was a particular highlight, with its notable nod to Sabbath’s Children of the Grave. Another highlight was an epic sounding Creature of the Demon which lasted for around a good ten minutes with swirling guitar led effects and more demonising work from the rhythm section.

As the band polished off their set, the crowd were left warmed by the sound of triumph before being greeted by the bleakness of the Manchester night. Kadavar are a highly talented band, and for a three piece, they produce work that is both complex, engaging and above all else loud and glorious!


Kadavar can be found at their website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Those Rotten Thieves are here and on Facebook and BandCamp.

Buffalo Summer’s website is here. they are also on Facebook and MySpace.

All words by Dom Walsh. You can read more from Dom at his author’s archive here. Dom also tweets as @bwfcdom83.

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