We are the men in gap???

We know there is a strange craze for vapid pop fluff to wear punk rock orientated punk rock t shirts but this is the weirdest yet.

Justin Bieber  (who has become the first pop star to have 40 million followers….) has been snapped in a Stranglers T shirt- he may have though this was some sort of punk band but probably new little of the darkest of dark bands and their songs of UKO’s, vikings, rats, ravens and cats, Yukio Mishima, Nuclear weapons, mastadons, rats, the seedy underbelly of late seventies London, drug and more drugs…and a few punch ups on the way…welcome to the darkside Justin, whoever you are…even if this could well be a crafty photoshop!




Justin Bieber photographed wearing a Stranglers T shirt

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  1. Another talentless airhead, name-checking greatness in search of kudos.
    Another great self -promoter.


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