Just who are the ‘fine wine bands’ – late period groups who have hit a golden streakThere was a time when all this rock n roll lark was a young person’s game but as the decades have cruelly rolled past it’s become a free for all for people of all ages.

Of course, there are masses of great young bands – pop culture will always be a teenage form but some bands escape the snares of time and soundtrack whole lives whilst keeping that sense of artful urgency. Some older bands become a perfect jukebox and warm the cockles of the long lost past and that’s ok but a few of the defining bands are capable of being of the eternal now and it’s thrilling to watch…

Whilst that means there are more than enough dad rockers bereft of ideas squeezing out the last few notes from their junk rock guitars and ham-fisted dusty old riffs there are also a clutch of older bands who have defined the age odds and hit a purple streak in their high decibel dotage.

Somehow some bands were so beyond time that they still feel like the future. Even when doing the old hits they have revamped and recharged them for the now.

Proving that being 60 plus doesn’t mean the end of your creative streak the fine wine bands have aged well like the expensive vino in the cellar. Many of them are delivering their finest work live or in the studio. Some of them are on their way to their final golden summers and none of them sound ready for the knackers yard of being bereft of ideas, and vison!

Sitting pretty with the vibrant and urgent younger bands the fine wine bands earn their place in the now. They never lost the love of the mystique and power of music. they never got bored or burned out or if they did they rediscovered the muse and set their creative fires alight again!

Whilst some punk and post punk bands make their music sound like a chore others like Echo And The Bunnymen make the future feel effortless, The Stranglers have remarkably found a new energy and a myriad of others are the same. Nick Cave, kate Bush, PJ Harvey are always ready on their own terms and Damon Albarn is always seeking another texture.

These are just a few…

Who do you think deserves this accolade of being a fine wine band…


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  1. Ian Prowse. His just released “One Hand on the Starry Plough” album is possibly his finest work in a career of wonderful music.

  2. Ian Prowse definitely deserves this accolade, the man is on fire at the moment with his new album One hand on the starry plough which followed the equally sensational Here I Lie album in 2019. He is one of the hardest working people in music and with his 41 Lockdown shows built a community that was so vital in helping us through the pandemic. Ian has kept his credibility and integrity for over 30 years in music so really deserves this accolade.

  3. Ian Prowse and Amsterdam ( + Pele) still has a handle on a great tune 30 years after Pele rocked the pre Britpop period giving bands like Pulp a leg up as their support. Check out “One hand on the Starry Plough” – Ian’s latest album a contender for the Mercury Music prize if I ever saw one – classics like “Battle” and “Holy holy river”and isn’t afraid to say his bit about the state of government and society today in “No trial” and “Swine” don’t miss out

  4. Ian Prowse of Pele and Amsterdam just keeps getting better and better. His new album is on constant repeat in our house and is full of instant classics.

  5. Ian Prowse – amazing in the 90swirh Pele and in the 00s with Amsterdam. Now regularly releasing new albums and touring under his own name and is better than ever.

  6. Without a doubt, Ian Prowse. He’s only starting to get recognition, for a career spanning 30 years, now. Prowsey did a Facebook live Friday night performance from March 2020 with bigger audiences tuning in each week. By the end of that year, we’d formed a community and supported each other through the pandemic and beyond. On a personal note, I’d have cracked up without hiss music in the last 2 years.

  7. 2 bands immediately spring to mind, Killing Joke, last album “ Pylon” is a career highlight
    And New Model Army. Each release is a masterclass in Songwriting from Justin.
    Waiting with bated breath for the new KJ album.

  8. Ian Prowse of Pele and then Amsterdam fame! His latest album “One hand on the starry plough” is incredible! Ian is getting better and better! We love him!


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