imageThe Joe Corre threat to burn 5 million quids worth of Sex Pistols memorabilia has had punk historians scratching their heads wondering just how that figure has been arrived…Luckily LTW have found an inventory of what Joe proposes to burn…and take a wry look at what may or may not be on there…

1. Spirit of punk in a bottle…quite smelly but incredibly potent. The ‘eau du seventies’ … Crack open and sniff a whiff of a decade falling apart!

2. Demos for long lost secret sex Pistols second album – ‘Never mind the boondocks here’s the Hirsute Priesthood – going straight volume one’….where the band do indeed, ‘ go straight’ with songs warmly embracing the establishment, record labels and the management and even, ahem, butter!

3. 1000 copies of Duck Rock

4. The original design for the ‘you’re gonna wake up ‘ t shirt before a hasty redesign…the ‘in’ side of the shirt includes Showawadyway, Rod Stewart, Frank Spencer, the queen mother and ‘the first series of the Good Life before it got weird and a pat on the back for the Goodies – lots of felt tip crossing out on the prototype t shirt

5. Expensive frilly knickers…slightly used

6. New York dolls blueprint….well read

7. Bernie Rhodes…hovering in the background with lots of ideas

8. The choir from Wales … As seen in the rock n roll swindle film…still singing carols and trying to hold back the forces of evil whilst like the rest of the establishment not noticing Jimmy Savile and his merry gang and a deranged defrocked priest…

9. Bill Grundy – pickled then and pickled now.

10. 500 000 copies of anarchy in the UK…yours for a pound each!

11. A video of the Bill Grundy Interview warm up with no swearing and a very happy manager!

12. Cassette tape of Rotten’s famous audition to the Sex Shop jukebox – he sings beautifully, like Aled Jones, and is told he’s got the job but must learn some ‘attitude’ to guffaws in the background of this long lost recording…

13. ‘Sid at 60’ action doll – with pasty plastic skin, large gut and curmudgeonly attitude – comes complete with a ring pull that repeats classic ‘punk’ phrases.

14. The Newspaper that the original punk lettering was cut from…complete with holes in the headlines!

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  1. ha ha – this is the best comment I’ve seen on the whole controversy. Funny watching the old punks get their expensive frilly knickers in a twist over this and good to see some humour about the whole affair.


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