Smiley Culture - black and white portrait

Smiley Culture - black and white portrait

The jury at the inquest of Smiley Culture has ruled he died from a self-inflicted stab wound.

Reggae musician Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, died from the injury during a police raid on his home in March 2011. Officers attended the star’s home to arrest him on a drugs charge and search his home. He was already facing other drug-related charges at the time of the raid.

The jury deliberated for 13 hours following the inquest hearing but reached a majority verdict that Smiley Culture had suddenly and violently decided to take his own life during the police raid.

The Guardian reports the jury foreman as saying: “David Victor Emmanuel took his own life. Although the tragic events of 15 March 2011 were unforeseeable, giving one officer the responsibility of supervising Mr Emmanuel and at the same time the premises search book was a contributory factor in his death”.

Smiley’s cousin Merlin Emmanuel responded to the ruling saying: “We have lost an integral part of our family. He had a lot of hope and he had a lot to live for. Why he should have wanted to end his life in that way I do not know, but I do not think he should have been in a position to do that.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission already ruled that there was no failing on the part of the four officers involved in the raid and the matter would not be passed on to the CPS.

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