Moon SingleJosey Marina deserves to make waves with her new single ‘Moon’. The Stockport-based multi-instrumentalist takes this mysterious symbol of the mind and opens it up; her voice echoing the lunar landscape which lies in the depths of our thoughts. The craters of creativity, shadows of sensuality, dusts of desire. ‘Moon’ is the musical mapping of mentality and shows real maturation in Marina’s work, set to the first track from her upcoming EP ‘Violet Desires’.

‘A sensual mix where you can distinguish every layer’

Exploration of the elements and their connection to our emotions has been a consistent feature of Marina’s music, as can be clearly heard in her 2014 EP ‘Tired Sun’. The symbolism may be similar, as in ‘Moon’ we hear ‘The moon’s on fire in the sky’, but the mood is different. Marina is illustrating, crucially, that a single symbol like a moon is not a single definition; starting with celtic chorals and yet climaxing with an edgy indie vibe.

This track opens with gently paced acoustics, before broadening into an almost slapping drum-sound which suggests finality – a soundscape which goes from a child-like optimism to adult realisations. Progress through powerful audio is enhanced by production from Jack Beech, whilst swirling vocals may invite comparison to early Goldfrapp. It’s a sensual mix where you can still distinguish every layer.

‘A greater sense of subversion’

Furthermore, In Marina’s earlier work I heard more of a heady summertime hope, whilst in her new single there is a greater sense of subversion. What I really get a sense of is Marina trying to reclaim the symbol of the ‘moon’ as one of desire and depth, rather than the typical madness (and arguably a masculine-dominated interpretation) time has associated it with. It’s ethereal, echoing and intimate sound which suggests that these factors are closer than we think, and challenges history.

At 18 years old, Josey Marina is unashamed in her ambition – for her music seems like a combined attempt to rewrite cultural, as well as personal, pasts .At points it borders on self-reflection, in the first person ‘I’m waiting for light’, yet also embodies other angles. At points her lyrics take the perspective of a wounded persona, perhaps a forlorn lover, describing the actions of the moon and another.

Josey Marina

‘Putting out there the position of the modern mentality

Lyrical gushes with a guttural depth like Patti Smith’s ‘Soon She’ll be in the sea’, alternate with the stinging asides of “burns out your fucking eyes every time that you open the blinds”. There is surprisingly little repetition: instead we are shown so many different situations. The moon is held and yet hurts, in the mind’s eye yet in the sky: she puts it in as many places as possible, putting out there the position of the modern mentality; unsure, impacted, unaligned.

And an awesome exploration it is. Just because there is complexity, doesn’t mean that it isn’t accessible. Bigger arrangements and masterful production actually provide more avenues for our minds to wander as we listen. The track starts of with almost swelling pressure from the celtic echoes, blending the pleasurable with the painful; the subversive aspect I alluded to before – returned to at the end.

‘A world of shifting symbols and identities’

What really stands about this single is its energy, despite the emotional depth. Marina’s voice voyages between the changes and turbulence, from it ‘being the moon’s song’ to ‘this isn’t your song anymore’; it’s a world of shifting symbols and identities. Yet what stays with us is the sensation, the open vocals, conjuring of colour and imagery, as Marina alludes herself that this song would be ‘purple’ if it was one.

As subversive and suitably layered as bruise, this is a song which serves up the mixture of the mind – drop by beautiful drop, building up for the depth of ‘Violet Desires’. I can’t wait.

To listen to the single NOW, visit Josey Marina’s Soundcloud:


You can also connect with her on Facebook for regular updates.

All words by Emily Oldfield, who you can find on Twitter as @EmilyvOldfield and visit her website.

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