Jona Lewie’s top 10 favourite albums

number 3 ‘ROCK AND ROLL’   Elvis Presley (HMV) 1956



In the sleeve notes of this vinyl album cover, the opening sentence reads: ‘The jazz phenomenon to end all phenomena’. At the time I did not know what this meant because this was a guy who was rocking and rolling. The cover alone was a revelation and a revolution; no-one looked like this before in white America and Britain. The Clash paid homage to the cover in their 3rd Album London Calling, such was the effect Presley had onStrummer.   Most cuts on the album preceded all previous excitement in vocalist white America (e.g I got a Sweetie and Mystery Train)..

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  1. These are really nice pieces but is it possible to have them split into two as opposed to having to click for every entry


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