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Pop culture is full of great misfits whose quirky creativity often goes unrewarded.

Jona Lewie is one of the people except he pulled of a couple of massive hit singles – “You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties” and “Stop the Cavalry” and was also the longest serving artists on Stuff records- label set up to release the so called stuffs- artists that were considered untouchable by the rest of the idiotic music industry.

Still out there and still creating, Jona is working on his new album, ‘my 3rd ‘proper’ album in my studio in London. Hope it is ready this year and will be touring it UK and abroad.’
Jona Lewie top 10 favourite albums

1)  Stevie Wonder ‘Talking Book’ (Tamla) 1972


A big influence on me was his ‘I Believe (When I fall in Love it will be Forever). When

I was in a bedsit, me and a spliff and that song blowing my mind and giving me a trance like experience. Also it was done pre sequencers, pre computers and pre sample days, and he would put down the drums AFTER he put down the keyboards!’


For number 2 in Jona Lewie’s top 10 favourite albums please go here


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