we are sorry to hear the sad news that Manchester punk scene legend Jon The Postman has died peacefully in his sleep.

The legendary figure was one of a clutch of eccentrics lurking in the scenes at the same time as the early Fall and early Joy Division and used to leap onstage for 30 minute versions of Louis Louis in the true ramshackle DIY spirit of punk rock.


    • Devastated to hear this news 6 months too late to say goodbye to my good mate Jon, I hope his send off was fitting, does anyone have any details?? Dave Bentley

      • Hi Dave! Remember me? Wendy from Carlisle. Remember Gillian & I coming down many times to see you & Jon was usually with you. We were so sad to hear of his passing. Still got the records you recorded with him! Are you still in touch with Gary Matthews & Jo? First met you when V2 played Wigton Rugby Club with Skidmarx in 1978 I think!!

  1. Very very sad to hear this. I went to Central Manchester College and following an “Access to High Education Course” to University Of Salford with Mr O .. He revealed himself as Jon The Postman the very first day of College and since that day we became great friends and drinking buddies. I met many great people with and through Jon including yourself Mr Robb. I hope he didn’t suffer.

    RIP Sir

  2. Very sad news. I kept meaning to get in touch with him again but never got round to it.
    I was the girlfriend of a different John,”Big John” in the crowd that Jon was in that went around Manchester in the days leading up to punk. We often used to drink in Oldham St where Jon would sneak out when he was on late shift. My John was a massive fan of the US punk music that was a reaction against the Beatles, I remember the Seeds with Sky Saxon and Question Mark and the Mysterions. We used to pick up 45’s cheaply(about 10p) and see who could find the worst and play them at a house in Stockport. When we read about these punk bands in London we were very interested and that’s why we were at the first Sex Pistols gigs and so many other punk gigs, sometimes we were really the only people there. We looked right hippies though.

    They hated students but I remember the time at the UMIST bar when they worked out the very long version of peurile’s name (which I’ll never forget!) I remember often watching Jon on stage making up words against someone in the crowd he’d taken a dislike to and them being oblivious. He’d sing Toothache and Airplane at parties and people would not know what was going on – hilarious. Great times!! I sort of left them behind when I bought a motorbike and got more interested in the bike scene but I would still often turn up on my bike at various gigs and my bike never got messed around with or stolen, which is strange when you think of the areas, like Hulme, but I often parked it right outside the doors.

    I was the only female in the crowd and I know quite a few of the lads ended up in San Francisco including Big John, I did manage to visit them once but that was in 1980, good to hear Jon got there too.

    I’m not that far so would like to go to the funeral, where can I find out about it? This might be my last chance to get in contact with the others as I can’t remember surnames, as everybody had nicknames, how can I go about this? Anyway RIP Jon, you lived more than most people!

  3. I’ve just heard the sad news about John.I heard many of his punk rock tales when we stood near each other at record fairs.
    A sad loss..r.i.p John

  4. It is very sad to know Jon’s 60’s birthday party will not happen and I will never see Jon again. He has been a close friend of one of my best friends and we met some times in Berlin to drink beer and talk mostly about music in Manchester and Berlin.
    I did like him very much and miss his warmth and humour.

  5. Shocked and sad to hear about the death of John. Had many good nights out with John the most memorable in the eighties in San Francisco when I went out to see tall Paul and John was there. Thanks for the memories John. Sleep well . Shirley .

  6. I was very sad to hear about this, he was always lovely to me when we met. I was introduced to him by Greg M. Last saw him at Mick H’s wedding, where he had me in stitches telling me about the demise of his NME collection. Also remember going to visit him is San Francisco while on holiday, and worryingly being followed up to his apartment by a very dodgy looking guy. Turned out to be a very good friend of his. That was a fun evening of Chinese restaurants and lifts. Now I’m reminiscing about Osborne Road parties. Will try and be at his funeral to pay my respects.
    RIP J x

  7. I’m totally shocked. Just can’t believe it. Jon was one of my best friends. I recorded with him on the Legendary Lost session. I had been about to ring him, because Jon always phoned on my landline, and we recently changed the number. I only heard, because I saw the obituary, whilst reading the newspapers in the library. Devastating news. Please publish the funeral details asap.

  8. I just posted my comment, then was horrified and saddened to notice the dates, and realise that this happened some time ago, and the funeral will obviously be over. Anyone who remembers me, please get in touch.

  9. Don – I have put your email address and copy of your comments on the Jon The Postman Fan Page on Facebook so people can contact you. Hope that helps. (ged LTW -southerner)

  10. I first met Jon at an early Drones gig in 76, altho we had been going to the same rock gigs since 1970 our paths had never crossed before. We became firm mates due to our love of beer and gigs and we went to see 100’s of bands together, the rule was if it was under 50p to get in we would pay and anything over that we tried to blag it in, and it worked more often than not as I was well known in Manchester as manager of The Drones and Jon knew loads of people as he had a photographic memory, a good combination for getting in without paying

    It was my pleasure to tell Jon that I would pay for a day in the studio, don’t ask me why, it was punk, just turn up no rehearsals and lets see what happens. 10.00am in Rochdale, Sunday the day after Jons birthday party and they are late to arrive everyone chooses an instrument or is allocated one [ I was given an ancient Hoover to ‘play’ ] well for the first 2 hours we tried but it just wasn’t gelling so at 1200 the pub opened and most of us went off for a session until closing time at 2. We came back and Jon was inspired and on fire straight into Louie Louie, 25 mins of musical anarchy and mayhem Jon was improvising the lyrics better than any latter day rapper and it was FUN …. I could see the studio engineer slumped over the desk [covering his ears?] when we ground to a halt he just looked up and said ‘ the tape ran out 15 mins ago..’ the 10 mins he did record are the first track on the LP,

    I decided to press it, 250 copies, just for Jon and his mates, I mean, who was going to buy it? The proudest moment of Jons life was when John Peel played a track [ on 2 occasions ] and the world knew about Jon, we sold 950 copies and got fan mail from Belgium, Germany and Burnley.

    I spent 6 months in S.F. sharing a flat with Jon, great moments and so much beer…..

    Jon was my touchstone who kept me informed about Manchester and its inhabitants as I now live in Sunny Uxbridge, he was due to come down at some point in the summer and watch Middlesex play but he never showed, know I know why……

    Goodbye dear friend – gone but not forgotten Dave

  11. unfortunately jons death didnt raise any alarm bells – according to his next door neighbour norman and his daughter – jon was frequently screaming and shouting in apparent pain – but 3 days before the discovery of his body he “cried wolf” again – and it went un-noticed – he died 23th july 2015

  12. unfortunately jon didnt die peacefully

    his next door neighbours regularly heard him screaming – apparently in pain – but the night he died they didnt think any different

  13. jons funeral though was a celebration of his life rather than a depressing account of his death – best funeral ever :)


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