Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Meat and Bone – album review

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Meat and Bone (Bronze Rat)
Out: 17th Sep

Over twenty years after they first rose from the ashes of Pussy Galore, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion release their 11th Studio album and the first in 8 years, but is their still a place for them in 2012? Our blues enthusiast / review monkey Colin McCracken seems to think so.

Two years ago, Mute records issued some simply stunning reissues of the classic JSBX albums, including ”˜Now I got Worry’, ”˜Extra Width’ and ”˜Orange’, there have also been recent reissues of the long out of print Pussy Galore back catalogue. As delightful as it is to have access to all of the old material available once more, it created a thirst for something new.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait any longer, for September 17th sees the release of ”˜Meat and Bone’ in the UK. The good news is that it is very much a classic JSBX album, with the style, class and swagger of The Stones doing coke with the New York Dolls whilst backstage at a Stooges gig in CBGB’s, Spencer wanders back into our lives with enough confidence and gusto that we wouldn’t dare to question what he’s been up to for so long.

The album wastes absolutely no time in establishing its credentials, with riotous opener ”˜Black Mold’ effortlessly familiarising itself. For the subsequent 39 minutes, we are at the mercy of the purest rock and roll which has graced our stereos in a long damn time. The sleazy drawl of ‘Unclear’ is reminiscent of a lovesick Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, whilst the raw and visceral sexuality of ‘Get Your Pants Off’ speaks for itself.

JSBX create music which makes you want to do very bad things, and that’s the best kind. Spencer has always made the most of his inspirations, but also possesses the talent to develop them. The standard blues structure has been well and truly dissected and reassembled, creating a fuzz pedal Frankenstein’s monster.

Get a copy, grab a beer and get yourself into some trouble, Jon Spencer has returned.

The band will be hitting the UK for some live dates very soon; we’ll be the first to let you know.

You can find the JSBX at their Official Site HERE

Watch: The Meat & Bone album trailer

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more of his Louder Than War articles HERE
He writes about movies HERE and lurks about on Twitter HERE


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