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Camden Rocks Festival 2018It was always going to end in tears. After a raft of recent interviews from Johnny Rotten where he seemed full of bile about the upcoming Danny Boyle six part series on the Sex Pistols called Pistol it seems like the former punk singer has walked away from the project.

The series is based on Steve Jones Lonely Boy autobiography and has input from all the key players in the period like the iconic Jordan who was at the heart of everything Sex Pistols . Jordan has been a key contributor to the series unlike Johnny Rotten who is no longer involved in the series as Jordan – perhaps the first punk of them all and played by Maise Williams in the new series points out.

“John picks and chooses when he wants to be a punk. If it suits him one day, he will be Johnny Rotten and otherwise, he is John Lydon. He would just be a saboteur and he wouldn’t bring much to the table. John argues for the sake of arguing. He’s a difficult person and I can’t say that part of him has changed at all. As he’s got older, he’s only got more difficult – he’s contrary… John has got a few issues about his importance in the world so him not being involved is the best thing that can happen.”

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  1. Rotten is the same as he was in 1977,why would he change,punk was about not conforming, he will be the same till his death,and I for one will always cite him as a major influence on not only my life,but thousands upon thousands of other people,leave the man alone

    • Here here. Without this great inventor of music breaking free from financial influence, we would all be the poorer for it.

  2. I don’t agree. John is a contrary person and often rants about people ‘selling out’ at the sacrifice of their art/image. Isn’t that right John? Ooh arr pass the butter it’s a grand old Country Loif

  3. How can you have Punk with John, he was the face of the punk movement, and it starts and ends with him. Everyone jumping on the band wagon and trying to take credit where its not due. John is honest and unwoke thats what these producers cant handle, he tells it how it is and was.

    • I presume you mean without. So punk Starts and ends with him?so the other Pistols? All the original punks? The Damned,,? None of them matter? This arsepeice of a man invented it all alone and it finished when he was fire? Away and don’t talk an absolute load of shite ya numptie

  4. Yeah riiiiight….I’m betting it’s cause they don’t like his politics… That’s all these numbnuts care about anymore not whether you are a decent person or what you do or what youve done but your politics and that’s pretty damn pathetic

    • Unlikely, Lydon has poured scorn on pretty much any take on the Pistols that he was not at the centre of. He was just as contrary over the Sid & Nancy film.

        • So well put! I see all these comments here praising a singer of a great band. I wonder if these people have ever met him in real life?

          He’s arrogant, childish and he needs to grow up. Like you said the world does not evolve around him.

    • aye,cos his politics are wonderful and fully in keeping with all that’s good in the world eh? Behave yourself. He’s been flung out because he is a terribly,boring,self important nonentity of Aman who will do or say absolutely anything to stay in the spotlight! Good riddance !!

    • Johnny knows nothing! It’s not made yet,but will undoubtely be BETTER that it’s rid of him! Poor johhnyis upset that it’s not based on any of his crap books,but on Steve Jones hoo

  5. John lydon,AKA johnny rotten. Politics cannot handle someone who is pure black and white. Not racist in any way yet hate the establishment who are the biggest racists of them all.God save the queen . Read the lyrics and then go understand them. Holidays in the sun the same. Pil. Rise. The man is a lyrical genius. Long live john lydon. Heil johnny rotton

  6. Lydon still desperate to be important. Never was a punk band so hyped. Give me Damned, Damned, Damned any day.

    • so why are you commention on the article about the lead singer of THE greatest punk band of them all?

  7. Maybe John is just too busy looking after his wife at the moment, think this film will be as crap as sid and Nancy

    • For A man who never shuts up about that, as if he is the ONLY (very rich)person in the world to have to care for someone,,he never appears to be a home actually doing it

  8. I think Jordan hit it spot on..Lydon is difficult for the sake of being difficult. Apparently the makers of this film reached out numerous times to Johnny only to be ignored or declined. Now that they went on without his input he’s suddenly up in arms..too fucking bad..first of all this is Steve Jones version of events ..what’s not to know about Johnny Rotten that you cant get from decades of interviews, concert footage etc? Johnny fancies himself more important than he is…last time I saw him he was fat and drunk and looked more like Winston Churchill and making an arse of himself on that punk panel where Marky Ramone put him in his place…me thinks ol Johnny needs some attention…or money …or both.Im looking forward to seeing this biopic from Jonseys perspective

    • 100% spot on! HE is the reason the Pistols never had the slightest chance of maybe trying to do more music. Jonesy said it himself. He is the cause of all the frictions! HE is the one who absolutely ruined the comebacks by being absolutely abysmal. Didn’t bother his arse to even relearn his own lyrics.with a shit hot tight rock n roll band onstage,and a drunken idiot wailing like banshee over the top of them.veryy ego maniac,with nothing to be an ego maniac about anymore

  9. Lydon(rotten) is a megalomaniac,,,its him him him ,,,,listen to those who know him ,,a lot of us were on the outside looking in ,,Pamela (Jordan) were around him daily ,they know first hand what an egotistical idiot he can be

  10. John being John honest and straight forward give John some credit and a little respect, John is caring for Nora hasn’t anyone anybody got any respect for both John and Nora during this circumstances. Which John and Nora could do without all this nonsense unclean crap, John was the artist of punk long before punk was given it’s name, John was the Sex Pistols without John no Punk no Sex Pistols. You really can’t possibly rewrite Punk/Sex Pistols when it’s basically been and gone. Part time punks, Weekend punks and Dramatic punks. The truest of Punks have seen them come a day go a day, which to be honest John has always seen through them, like the boy stood on the burning deck.
    John, Nora and Public image Ltd that what matters

    • Obviously you are right that he has a lot to deal with at the moment, but that doesn’t seem to stop him seeking publicity. As for John being the Pistols, utter bollocks. They wouldn’t have been the Pistols without him, but Jones, Cook and Matlock’s contribution was also vital to the band.

    • It’s very sad about Nora. Lydon would have us believe he is the only person ever to have to look after(is he ever actually there?) A very ill relative! Millions of us have,without millions in the bank. Respect? For what? For never shutting up about it? He deserves zero respect. He has became an absolute embarrassment of a man.

  11. I have a theory that John has an advanced drinking problem. I’ve seen enough interviews to watch him just repeat himself and be argumentative when the situation did not warrant it. And the info comes out of him, but I’ve rarely seen any evidence of anything new getting in. I’ve had alcoholic friends who behave similarly.

  12. You know what good for him. The biopic looks crap and Steve Jones’ biography was interesting only for the first half before it went the usual “that’s me sober and in L.A now” patter that a lot of music bios are.

    He’s done so much for music and as for his comments regarding Trump he still knows how to wind the public up. He’s one of the last honest original icons who’s real and not some bland phoney arse kisser like Dave Grohl.

    Oh and as for the butter ads he used that money to reform Public Image. Imagine still not getting it years later. Fucking Marky Ramone has a range of pasta sauces and no one whines about that!

    • Yeah,good thatsnhes been punted! Gtf Lydon. He was PART of one massive think for music.almost entirely garbage output from him ever since. Thank feck they didn’t base the show on his dreadful whiny books. And then show looks crap,when nobody has seen any of itneh?just you keep licking your Lydon posters and let the rest of us see the showo

  13. He moved to California & is a right wing cunt. A pathetic wanker who hasn’t done anything in 2 decades but sides with radical right wing California politicians who confirm he is still relevant. Loser.

  14. Nothing new here, anyone remember when he was attempting to take legal action to stop Sid & Nancy coming out, and taking every opportunity to slate it? There’s almost a script that he follows with these things.

  15. I think Johnny is not happy that the Steve jones book was chosen to base the filming on not his, so he will try his best to screw it up n slag it off.
    I think it would be a different case if it was based around John’s book, all you would be hearing from him is how wonderful the film will be.

  16. Having read the book the bit about the pistols should be very small, in fact none consequential. The book is more about his addictions and the twelve steps to sobriety than the pistols.

  17. That seems to be his personality, not a nice bloke if you ask me. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Having just read John Robb’s book Punk Rock An Oral History, nearly everything Lydon said in it was negative. I don’t understand his problem!


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