Johnny Marr Reacts To The Minx Being Kicked Offstage For Wearing His T ShirtThe great Johnny Marr has reacted to upcoming Manchester band The Minx being hauled offstage during a performance at Manchester City’s Etihad stadium for wearing the ‘Johnny Fucking Marr’ shirt.

The band played after Man City beat Everton 3-1 but just after their set started the word ‘fucking’ on the t shirt was enough for the plugs to be pulled.

As we said in the original story which Louder Than War broke this morning- it’s not often you hear swearing at football…

On hearing the news today Johnny Marr sent the band a text calling them “proper rebel rockers” and also put up the following tweet on the right.

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  1. What a load of bollocks, so wearing a T shirt that’s mildly offensive to some makes you a “proper rebel rocker” now?


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