Johnny Marr hints at Smiths reformation

Remake/remodel : Smiths reform rumours continue

Remake/remodel : Smiths reform rumours continue

The last great reformation that everyone is waiting for has been rumbling round town for months.

A few years ago the Smiths reforming would have been met with a laugh but now there is a nod and wink and rumours of Morrissey and Marr being in touch or even meeting to discuss the idea- of course this could all be idle gossip and wishful thinking but the story just won’t go away.

Intriguing but open ended.

What form this would take, if it ever happened, is open to debate. Who would play drums? would hatchets be buried or would Si Wolstencroft get the call? also why would they bother? Johnny Marr is not short of work and his new version of the Healers is doing good stuff and Morrissey solo career is still a major deal no matter what the knockers say.
A recent interview with the great Johnny Marr in Rolling Stone has added a further twist to the story.

Speaking in Rolling Stone, Marr admitted that he’s aware of the desire to see The Smiths join the likes of Pulp, Blur and Stone Roses in reuniting for one last swansong.

“I don’t know about the possibility, but what I do know is that I understand how great it would be to make so many people happy,” adding:. “The other thing I know is that Morrissey and I are so very different. Those are the only things I know.”

The whole thing would not be for money, although it would be fantastically well paid but as Johnny admits the creative spark has to be the key.
“Nothing really gets off the ground just purely because of money. Certainly, as I see it, so many other things would have to be fixed and we’re just too different to get them fixed, it appears.”

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  1. Like the Clash they should just leave it alone and not risk destroying their iconic status

  2. Respectfully disagree with Tom above.

    Life’s too short to worry. Just go play.

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