John Robb’s punk rock radio show on tonight, Sunday 10 till midnightJohn Robb’s two hour show of punk rock and associated culture is on toght from 10 till midnight on Team Rock Radio.

The show is punk rock and associated culture – two hours of punk, post punk, goth, proto punk, new wave and reggae.


New bands, classics, curveballs and lotss of info and banter from your host on the UK’s biggest punk rock radio show and a session from upcoming band..


To listen to the show go to the team Rock radio website.

please go to John Robb’s twitter to discuss the show and send in requests

Tonights featured  band is Generation

punk city is Tokyo



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  1. Always a good show, and some Crisis as well. You never hear them on the radio! Hymns of Faith now there’s an album!!
    It’s really grim that after all these years and what with DAB radio, that there is no station playing punk and all the sub genres including reggae and dub.
    Sometimes it’s like punk never happened!!!


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