Here is the link to my one hour show on the mid-eighties noisy UK underground Death To Trad Rock scene on the fab Domino Records radio station…

Featuring the following bands: Membranes, Big Flame, A Witness, The Ex, Prolapse, Bogshed, Wedding Present, Age OF Chance etc…


  1. […] many of the later bands on the Death To Trad Rock frontline Sarandon have polished the form taking it to a jazzcore peak- dissonance and frantic […]

  2. […] and pwoerful sound. Their playing is brilliant, really tight and super scratchy, this is like a Death To trad Rock band dosed on early Postcard, a sniff of the genius of the Fire Engines and that nagular art school […]

  3. […] never really fitted the Ron Johnson “mould” – if you could describe such bands as Big Flame, A Witness, Jackdaw With Crowbar and The Shrubs as coming from anything as mass-produced as a mould) was my own band, Splat! Peely […]

  4. […] Parsons used to run the classic John Peel label Ron Johnson Records releasing Big Flame etc. If he had set up his label five years earlier he would have released the […]

  5. […] of A Witness in action live, taken from a show in central Paris in December 1986 which also featured Bogshed. Angular and experimental but with driving danceable rhythms, A Witness recorded four sessions for […]


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