John Robb’s New Band Of The Day : Young MythsYoung Myths are a brand new Manchester band who have not even gigged yet but have a mysterious website full of great songs that are tinged with the new Acid Reign feel of the cream of the current Heavenly crop like TOY and Temples without sounding anything like them.

This is music that floats and has a yearning quality that the late lamented Wu Lyf captured in their short stint that is instantly addictive.

Brilliantly there is very little to say about them because they are so brand new but they sound fully formed already and the potential just oozes from what they are letting go on their website.

The future is there for the taking creating a new set of young myths…

Their songs float but pack a power as well and they have spectral and haunting beauty to them

For more information go to their website



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