John Robbs New Band Of The Day: Sundaze – ‘Mary Chain Through a fuzzbox’

Sundaze facebook

Sundaze bandcamp .(Where you can download the EP for free.)

Sundaze are an awesome rush of sound.

Like Jesus And Mary Chain through a fuzzbox or Cabaret Voltaire with girl group switchblades this is a spectral rush of sound- a classic melodic rush almost totally distorted into something quite beautiful and uplifting and thrilling. They would fit neatly into the new Acid Reign psychedelic of the moment or a vicious thrill in the middle of an ATP bill or a classic rush of pop/noise on late night 6music- they are great and we love them.

The band was born as one man band in January 2014 they say that ‘I’ve recorded all the ep by myself (in my room) and for the gigs one of my best friends joined me so we are guitar/vocals, bassguitar and drum machine. We are planning another tour in italy in the next months and between march and April we will play in london. The next week we will publish the EP as tape (limited edition just 50 pieces)’

two singles we published few weeks ago



East London Without Drugs Sux:



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  1. Did you just say Acid Reign? As in the 80s thrash metal band from Yorkshire?

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