John Robb’s new band of the day: Gokbulut – electronic indie polka swing from from IstanbulGokbulut Facebook page.

Gokbulut is from Istanbul and deal a music that is as eclectic and varied as that great city’s miss mash of culture.

They Say:

‘I’ve been writing music, song arrangements and lyrics since 1998.I have more than 50 songs.

I decided to release my first debut Ep ‘BANT / (TAPE’) in May 2011.

I have put together these 4 songs and went in to studio to record this EP back then. They are all in different genres of music.

Now I decided to split the songs I write in their languages and genres so I can release them seperatly.

One is more like Electronic / Down tempo & Trip hop

Another is more like Indie / Rockabilly

Another is more like Oriental / Polka / Swing

For the Turkish songs I’m planning to release here with a Local Label.

For the English songs I would greatly appriciate any help or recommendation about a Indie Label..’


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