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John Robb’s New Artist Of The Day: She Made Me Do ItShe Made Me Do It play with a throbbing keyboard pulse with husky sex vocals.

The title track on their new release, titled ‘Fantascopic’ can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp. It’s a truly fab song, mixing the electronic pulse of  Rachel Stamp’s Shaneena, Dax’s keyboards which take on some kind of 21st Soft Cell throb with her sexy husky female vocal and the brilliant twanging guitar of Will Crewdson who has played with Bow Wow Wow and Adam And the Ants, this song is going to make a big impact and is a Louder Than War fave already.

It sounds spectral and nocturnal and creepily brilliant in sex music kinda way…

She Made Me Do It can be found on Facebook here.


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