John Robb’s New Artist Of The Day: Mitzi Baehr

John Robb says…

Mitzi Baehr plays these great melancholic, sparse songs with her plaintive yet powerful and stunning voice left emotionally open by the great rolling piano.

There is a tinge of gothic darkness in the mix and a great talent for emotionally powerful songs that spellbind the mood. This stuff is good. Seriously good. With a ┬áspectral beauty and artful intensity and it’s early days yet!

Basic facts…

Words, vocals, keys and piano – Mitzi Baehr

Bass, drums, production – Ben Turner

Guitar – Rob Bethell

Written in Sept.2013. Recorded the other week at Stage 2 Studios in Bath.

Mitzi Baehr says…

‘We all met at Yeovil College n 1997 and formed a band called Big Gizzard in 1999 but it was short lived as we all went off to different Universities .. 15 years later I called upon them for help with this track, “Hope Insurance”. I hope we reform! ‘

‘I always like a challenge.. I have loads of songs just waiting to be recorded.. They are all a bit dark! . That one is brand new and I had just written it on the piano and guitar .. I could hear everything else in my head but it changes the second other people get involved.. ‘

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