John Robb punk rock radio show on Team Rock radio this Sunday at 22.00This Sunday at 22.00 John Robb back on the radio for the second of his  two hour punk rock radio shows called ‘Louder Than War’ on the newly launched Team Rock radio station. Tune in this Sunday on to hear the show.

Team Rock is the rarest of all things- a radio station that actually plays rock music with 24 hours of shows covering all the various types of rock music. ‘TeamRock Radio is a commercial free national DAB rock radio station broadcasting from the UK. If you love rock then you’re already part of the family.’

John Robb’s show will be covering punk and all associated subcultures from post punk to goth to reggae to dub. It will have new punk bands, classics and the proto punk bands that influenced the form. It will also feature interviews and a ‘band of the week’ focussing on 4 tracks from classic bands.

This week there will be plays for an eclectic mix of music from Sex Pistols, Zounds, The Clash, the Adverts, Minor Threat, The Fall, proto punk heroes the Stooges and Dr. Feelgood and Cock Sparrer in a special section celebrating next week’s Rebellion Festival and many others as well a session from new band Flies On You and first plays for other new bands as well as four tunes from this week’s featured band the Buzzcocks.

John Robb says ‘I want to play the classics and also great lost songs and the bands that played punk before punk and the bands that took the punk attitude and made their own music but I also want to play new punk bands- please send me mp3s.’

Go to the team Rock website now for more detials on the station and it’s varied shows,

And to listen to the John Robb punk rock radio show go to the same website at 22.00 on Sunday.

Also join the team rock Facebook page: and the team rock twitter account which is @teamrockradio.


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