John Robb’s New Band Of The Day: Shabda – more great italian drone psyche

Shabda: Facebook page.

If you are a fan of the Sunn O))) Ulver long tripped out pieces of drone rock then come this way.

Shabda are yet another great Italian psyche band – there is a whole great scene going on there and this is the latest and the most hypnotically strange with long sitar driven pieces of drone rock strangeness that are stunning and yet another band that has come out of metal and into a strange new world.

They say

From members of T/M/K, Shabda is born: one laptop, one sitar, one guitar. The recording sessions for the debut album are over: five compositions combining sound discipline, repetition and Vedic shamanism. For fans of low frequencies, psychedelia and shivaic tantrism. Out soon, stay tuned for details.



The story so far…


Formed in 2012 in northern Italy by Anna Airoldi, Marco Castagnetto and Riccardo Fassone, who had previously worked together in Thee Maldoror Kollective, Shabda has started crafting meditative, repetitive sounds, with the aim to fuse hindustani music, doom metal and minimalist exploration into a trance inducing, often somber droning ritual.

The new album TUMMO focuses on kundalini alchemy by means of deep guitar tunes, microtonal intervals and ritual documents recorded in Varanasi, Sarnath and Amber.


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