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Idiot Joy showband

Idiot Joy showband
Idiot Joy showband
Another interesting comment popped up in the open letter to Chloe Sevigny debate.

This one accused me of being professional Mancunian.

As usual the person didn’t sign their name on it but we have pretty good idea of who it was!

Comment is below and my reply after that…

The fact that so many jaded bloated old-Factory Records-Stone Roses-John Robb ”Ëœprofessional Mancunain’ types have got so indignant about someone’s honest opinion about the city proves Manchester is not the glittering cosmopolitan these tired individulas constantly try to promote.

Born and raised in Manchester the simple truth is it is a dark, dank post-industrial ugly city in which there exists a vibrant population and out of which some great music/culture/art has been created, but Paris it sure is not. Get over yourself Mr Blackpool and when will you old men leave the past behind. Nostalgia”¦nostalgia”¦nostalgia (and no just saying you like WULYF and a few other new bands does not mean you are in touch with present.

Idiot Joy Showland”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦.

1. Thanks for the comment- it’s good of you to take the time but I wish you had put your name on it as hiding behind a pseudonym makes the content of the comment a bit pointless.

2. I am certainly not jaded and certainly not bloated! and not Factory Records either. I am no-one’s pay roll.

3. I’ve never promoted Manchester as a ‘glittering’ place. I just didn’t think it’s grim or full of girls that look like ‘chavs’, obviously you do, fair enough. That’s my ‘honest opinion’.

4. Culturally I prefer Manchester to Paris, otherwise I would live in Paris. I agree there is a vibrant population in Manchester and lots of great music.

5. I’ve never claimed to represent Manchester or come from Manchester, I don’t claim to be ‘Mr. Blackpool’ either. I’ve never hidden the fact I come from Blackpool. I moved to Manchester in 1984 but have always told people where I’m from and it’s never been a problem to anyone apart from you.

6. In the context of the Stone Roses you pull the ‘nostalgia’ criticism and, yes, they are from the past but also exist in the present. Yes I do write about them but I don’t exclusively write about the Stone Roses. This website is full of music old and new. You have obviously only read one blog out of 3000 on here and made a lot of swift assumptions. Am I a professional punk for writing about punk, a professional industrial metal fan for writing about Rammstein, a professional sitar fan for writing about Ravi Shankar,a professional fan of new music for writing about new bands?

7. I really like Wu Lyf but I write about a lot more new bands than that. You are conveniently editing the truth to fit your own version of events which seems to be that I only write about Stones Roses and deal in nostalgia. I am veritably not bored of the past- so much great music there but also love the present. There’s a lot of new bands and new music on this site, you have, of course, ignored it to bend the facts for your argument.

8. I’m not claiming to be in touch with the present- that’s for experts like you, although you are strangely silent on new bands preferring to go on about people writing about old bands. I’m writing about music that I like old or new, whatever I hear that I like. It’s, of course, quite haphazard. I think it’s strange to only like new bands exclusively but I’m glad you do- please send me a list of new bands that you like, I would be happy to listen to them- last time you were asked to do this you couldn’t provide any names though.

9. Idiot Joy Showland instantly dates you being the title of an old Fall song from 20 years ago- a sign of your own nostalgia perhaps?

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Great reply John, do you know this bitter sounding person? There’s no need for the spiteful comment in my opinion. Each to their own i suppose.

  2. Laughing all the way to Whitworth street with this one John. I’ve always known you as a Blackpool lad right back to the days of the Membranes and the vital work you did on the north West Punk scene.
    I enjoy your nostalgic articles as they take me back but love the New bands from around the world that yer Good self and LTW have introduced us to .
    Why mention Paris ?, its been musically and artistically redundant for years. Its musically legacy has always been a bit shaky in rock terms anyway.
    And further more, its because its dark, post industrial and slightly ugly that Manchester has produced so many good bands. It has more in common with New York the with London or Paris hence producing new innovative and genuine bands, writers, artist etc. (Pistols were first but on a major label but a Manc gave them their first TV exposure,, The Buzzcocks did it themselves, always worth remembering that)
    Mancs aren’t the old capital punk rock star fuckers who’ll invite you to their gallery to buy their prints and £100 pound books of Punk single covers (You should have the original covers complete with 7 inch single already) while you sup coktails and invent a background you never had to impress the made in Chelsea girls.
    As for jaded and bloated, that’s a right old laugh, Mr Robb, you jaded, you exude a boyish excitement, joy and energy in your work that is truly heartfelt.
    I’d love to know who wrote this , just so I could see if they stood up to the acid test themselves, they seem a bit jaded, unloved and ignored to me.
    Sean X (From Carlisle not Manchester :))

  3. Great response! I don’t come from Manchester either, but I feel like it’s my home as I have lived here since 1983 and have never lived anywhere else for more than six years at a time. I love music, be it old, be it new….but not all music and not all from Manchester. Each to his own as has been said and anonymous criticism is cowardly and a little bit childish ;)

  4. As a current resident of Anchorsholme, Blackpool I love you being referred to as Mr Blackpool! Certainly you use every opportunity to big up Blackpool without falling into the trap of being overly nostalgic about it, you are prepared to talk about its bad sides too! This attitude is reflected in most of your work as far as I have noticed although I did think you gave the Buzzcocks too much benefit of the doubt with their Apollo gig on Sat! Having said that Shelley is still a star! It’s easy journalism just to slag off people and places and I’m pleased that you don’t go down that route but I guess it leaves you open to attack from faceless keyboard warriors but hey John, the fact that you care what this numpty says nullifies his points!

  5. Take no notice. I’m probably a similar age to you – there’s nothing we can do about getting older (well nothing that isn’t really drastic!)

    What are we supposed to do – disown all that great music we have loved over the years? Well I’m not, anymore than I’m not gonna carry on listening to new music. There’s some great new stuff out there!

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed Martin Rev last night.

    I did!!

  6. Being in a band , publishing books , T.V appearances , running a popular website and having an opinion which is valued can promote a certain amount of envy I suppose. Look’s like a jealous cunt just came out of the woodwork Brother John.

  7. While I thought John’s response dealt with the criticism well, I cringe when anyone attempts to bring the ‘jealousy’ chestnut into disagreements such as these. Beyond moronic.

  8. Great reply Mr Robb, if this bloke/ lady doesn’t like what you do then why does he bother reading LTW blog? They should take their negativity elsewhere! I think it’s great and love hearing your opinions about bands old and new. Keep doing what you are doing :)


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