John Lydon show cancelled “due to the aggression” of his tour manager “We have a zero tolerance policy of abuse’ say venueThe John Lydon spoken word tour finally hit the buffers in Glasgow where the venue pulled the gig due ‘to the aggression of his tour manager’ adding. ‘We have a zero tolerance policy of abuse, both physical and verbal, and this behaviour has been ongoing for the past two weeks. We are sorry if this affects you but as a company we will not accept this kind of attitude to our staff from anyone, including members of the public and touring staff. Our box office will be in contact with you directly to organise refund of your tickets.”

Many moons ago the controversy around the Sex Pistols seemed thrilling but now it all seems never ending and follows on from the Lydon court case over the upcoming Danny Boyle film where he sued his former band mates (who talk about the case and Lydon  here)

Maybe Bill Grundy was right all along…


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  1. The problem with John Lydon is he has always gotten what it means to be punk wrong. Being punk means saying f*ck you to those in power. He thinks it means saying f*ck you to everyone. And then wonders why no one wants to work with him.

  2. I think you should check the facts on this one. The venue manager was in the wrong , they apparently arrived to set up at arranged time at 1 and told they couldn’t till 3 as no staff . John and Rambo weren’t even there.


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