Sex Pistols to re-release 'God Save The Queen'
No future for you! Sex Pistols to re-release 'God Save The Queen'


John Lydon says God Save The Queen ‘not anti Jubilee’

There comes a time in every gentlemans life when the MBE comes a calling. Maybe.

If only you got an MBE for releasing an album as good as Public Image’s latest…

We are not saying the singer formally once known as Johnny Rotten wants one but the recent toning down of the angle of the God Save The Queen lyrics makes you wonder!

The single, which is one of the greatest ever rock n roll records ever released, stands the test of time. On release it was the most controversial record ever released but Lydon thinks that we all may have misinterpreted it.


Lydon was physically attacked several times in the wake of the furore and the band’s notoriety skyrocketed – but the singer has now spoken out to insist the release of the single was not a publicity stunt.

He tells, “I wrote a record. It wasn’t about a specific moment in time or history – I wrote a record about a subject matter that mattered to me, in a personal way, and then all this situation enveloped and unfolded. I never did it as an act of spite against the Jubilee. I don’t think that’s been quite completely understood.”

The lyrics themselves seem to tell a different story but who are we to say.


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