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John Lydon talks with Nigel at Louder Than War about the upcoming PIL tour which commences June 6 in Manchester, life at home, The Sex Pistols, recording with PIL, the Pistol documentary and much more in this revealing interview from his home in LA!

Brix Smith, formerly of The Fall and The Extricated, has been confirmed as support for PIL on 8 UK shows this June. Her new band also features members of My Bloody Valentine.

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PIL Tour June 2022 - John Lydon Interview - Louder Than War

Huge thanks to John for this interview!

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Words by Nigel Carr. More writing by Nigel on Louder Than War can be found in his Author’s archive. You can find Nigel on Twitter and Facebook Listen to Nigel’s show on Louder Than War Radio – Wednesdays 9-11 pm! here and on the free Apps:


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Nigel is Interviews & Features Editor at Louder Than War, freelance writer and reviewer. He has a huge passion for live music and is a strong supporter of the Manchester music scene. With a career in eCommerce, Nigel is a Digital Marketing consultant and runs his own agency, Carousel Projects specialising in SEO and PPC. He is also co-owner and Editor at M56 Media/Hale & Altrincham Life, and a Presenter & Station Manager on Louder Than War Radio.


  1. Great to see honest,genuine,no shit blokes like you john,long may you and best wishes to your family.peace,Dean.

  2. Really loved that. Love John I see him every time he tours in Birmingham.
    Was just a bit shocked by the 11 years and painter section? Those parts were just as if you didn’t know who you were interviewing, still good though all the same.

  3. My husband and I went to see him when he was at the Whitehall theatre in Dundee. He signed his back and he now has it tattooed. We had a great night. If he ever comes back to Dundee we will be there let him see Neils tatto.

  4. Sorry after 45 years I’m absolutely done with this fella. Just a total cockroach on multiple levels. A lot of his deeds seem to be overlooked by his many pals in the media. Have a look at his Wikipedia page especially legal issues. Also a total coward politically. Hope his gigs are empty.

  5. As someone who works for a charity that supports family carers. It was lovely to hear what John said about being a carer. Great interview

  6. John is exactly what he is, someone who used to be one person (a very angry young man) and is now a different person (a slightly less angry older man who is now a bit cuddlier both around the edges and in his mindset).

    He isn’t a perfect man and he doesn’t pretend to be perfect, so I never quite understand the vitriol he receives from some people whenever he expresses an opinion of any kind. That’s all they are, opinions. Some I agree with, some I don’t, but I don’t for one moment think he would expect me or anyone else to kiss his backside and nod their head to every word that leaves his mouth.

    Regarding his speaking tour last year, I’m sorry but it was the worst thing I have ever witnessed. So much for a talk-in about his life, he quickly went off topic to discussing his home life and essentially spent the entire show doing so. I appreciate his homelife and what he has going on there, but I hadn’t paid for 2hrs of that. He says in this video that he welcomes feedback, so that is my honest feedback for you John. By all means talk about it, but not for an entire show!

  7. Nige was slightly late for a Sparks gig because he did this interview. He’s well and truly excused! What a great interview


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