question time for Rotten!
Johnny gets to Heaven...Public Image : interview

question time for Rotten!
Johnny gets to Heaven…Public Image : interview

Former Sex Pistols and Public Image frontman and reality TV star, John Lydon is to appear on tomorrow night’s Question Time.

Filmed in Derby, this could be totally genius of not- he will join former home secretary Alan Johnson, Conservative MP Louise Mensch and include Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey and journalist Dominic Lawson on the long-running BBC1 current affairs show which is hosted by David Dimbleby.

What do you reckon? brilliant or not?

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  1. Lydon used to be cool and respected highly, but now most of us think he’s a total ball sack, especially with his recent bickerings with jah wobble.

    • should be as toe-curlingly, cringe-worthy as his more recent Sex Pistols performances/cabaret shows – mind you he’ll fit in well with the other bullshitting, dishonest, self-serving politicians – maybe he’s found his true calling after all…who’d have thought he’d ended up such a disingenious tool!

      ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?..

  2. I wonder how many of the people who incessantly bring up the butter thing, actually consciously think about what brand of butter they buy? Do they avoid Country Life? Do they only buy butter that doesn’t ever get advertised? Or do they stick to the D.I.Y spirit of ’77 and make their own butter without any major butter company support? Just wondering…

    • I’d buy Country Life if it had Lydon’s silly grin on the pack. I’d watch the programme just to see what he comes out with. He’s always funny, and great entertainment.

  3. The progammes a reductionist pile of steaming crap. Dimbleby gives the panel about a minute to speak on complicated issues. John should fit in nicely(he’s still ok, in my book). Release the soundbites………….

  4. The risk with someone like Lydon is that because his view is relatively extreme within the realm of Question Time that one or two things can happen (and Jarvis Cocker was clever enough to avoid both)

    1) He goes in all guns blazing and looks ridiculous
    2) He’s laughed off as “Oh ho ho what an eccentric pop singer” by the other panelists

  5. from anarchy in the uk to right wing reactionary in a few smooth moves. i should think he will end up in the house of lords. he will fit in well. supports the royal family and the israeli occupation forces. very anarchist for a blue nose tory that he is.

    • tee hee hee good one mate , are you mensi of the upstarts ! if so take care and thanks for signing my broken leg cast in the 100 club back in the early 80’s. take care mate

  6. Great! Watch it every week and as someone who has left and right leanings (bit like Lydon) I think it should be highly interesting. At least he has a view on most things if asked. Billy Bragg always makes intelligent points but you know where he will be coming from; Jarvis was like a doddery professor who didn’t quite know what he was doing there, non-commital he was on most things thus boring and Will Young was a one-trick pony with a strong view on gay marriage and pointless views on anything else. Lydon should be full of contradictory opinions which makes him rather entertaining in my book.

    • Lydon is a very entertaining character but has long been a cartoon toytown punk . As for Question Time , where on earth do they get the audiences from . The vast majority , aways pc down to a tee . Lib/Lab/Con all ruled by spineless social progressives with contempt for their own voters and democracy . No backbone and no principles , the lot of them . Their failure to make the right decisions is astounding which is why this country is a slow but sure decline – another working class chap with both so called left and right wing views .

  7. Wish people would be more realistic about the butter commercial.
    Advertising is used by creative people, to get cash in the bank, so that they can continue to be creative….
    Didn’t the butter commercial pay for the PIL tour?
    Unless you are rich, you’ve got to get the money to buy you time to be creative, and you either do that by working nine to five, or you do a commercial….

    It is ALOT more honest to do that, than to take in millions on a “reunion” tour, singing songs with republican and left wing sentiments…..and at the same time present photographers with a contract containing the word “exploit” .. That is far more im-pure than doing a butter commercial to help the cash flow for a tour.. but did the 280,000 people who turned up to last weekends gig, “ever get the feeling they’d been cheated?”
    Not really – but – that’s entertainment.

    I once did a nappy commercial with a guy who I used to see on TOTPs, doing one of the first ever punk songs, and he was going to use the cash to finance his film career….

    John Lydon will be great on Question Time… and I hope he isn’t interupted too much.

    • ‘Didn\’t the butter commercial pay for the PIL tour?’ – I don’t believe that for one second – a bit of Lydon spin to make himself look good – along with his wife’s cash I’m sure he’s got more than enough money to make tenth-rate PIL records til he drops…

  8. Whatever really. I think if you want to call him a ‘former reality TV star’ you should maybe have a little more respect for what he has previously done. Sex Pistols and PIL, arguments or otherwise, are hardly irrelevant. But that’s up to you.

    I also think if you’re going to be really cocky and superior you should also get a sub in, so you don’t write ‘totally genius of not’. Which is frankly hardly the best way of demonstrating your superiority.

  9. Iggy Pop does insurance commercials, presumably The Clash, Buzzcocks and The Skid
    s all gave permission for their songs to be used in recent ads, I don’t hear many people bitching about that. Can someone explain why Lydon is always singled out for special treatment when it comes to making money? The stench of hypocrisy is very unpleasant.

  10. Lydon is loaded from selling real estate in LA in the 90s and 00’s, but so what? He’s a middle aged man and rather he be living the good life than penniless. He is definetly a late 20th century icon regardless of what he is doing now. it will be funny in history books/screens in 200 years when they have photos of him and sid circa 1977, like we look at victorain fashions now.

    it is a shame he did that butter ad and the jungle nonense but was that down to money or merely boredom/being out of the public eye? Would have been great if he just kept producing great art until he was an old man.

    Think hes his own worst enemy, still rolling the eye and the silly voices, just be yourself Lydon, you always were honest, intelligent and opinionated. anyway the contrary ones are always the most interesting…..

    • Jed, Why is it a shame?
      Advertising butter?
      Advertising “Anarchy in the UK” under the guise of music?
      The only difference is that butter is alot more useful really.

      Ashley – I don’t know the exact amount that Lydon got for the butter commercial. But it will be in the same area as these. Jane Seymour got £800,000 to do the voice over for Furniture Village and that’s after Euan McGregor turned it down for 1.5 million, (allegedly. and I only know this because I voiced the research demo for £300)

      Steven Berkoff broke the voice over artists strike to do a McDonalds TV voice over for £500,000…..having spent a lifetime writing and performing left wing plays with a messianic intensity….he’s up there with the Stone Roses on the Integrity Platform isn’t he?

      Do Lydon for Country Life Butter? Considering the fact that it will ensure that people will talk about the product for several years? At a guess – I’d say around the million mark.. – is he independently rich? Maybe so.. but taking in a million for a few days work…. he’d be a fool to say no.

      John Peel used to do loads of voice overs. How come nobody ever makes fuss about that?

      • Robin – It’s not that he did the butter advert that bothers me – It’s his fawning and manipulative justifications and rationalizations that it was so he could fund the new PIL album, as if somehow he’s still being anti-establishment and fucking over the system . He’s as establishment as they come these days – he just daredn’t admit it. If he said (what you’re saying) that he did the advert for cash, pure and simple, then at least I’d respect his honesty. He goes on and on about honest, decent people etc yet seems to spend his life ripping them off for his own self-interest. (Eg.The Sex Pistols re-union shows!) The hypocrisy is galling. To do it is bad enough, to pretend you’re not is insulting. He’s looks down on the general public as much as any banker or politician….

  11. At normally consists of a panel of mainly centre left individuals, with one right wing nutjob and an audience of teachers and others on the public payroll. Don’t normally watch through fear of throwing the misses through the screen. But may watch this one…..

    • Oh, no I can. You say that he could have used his wife’s money to pay for the PiL tour.. well, maybe he didn’t want to, and maybe she didn’t want him to.
      Better to earn it himself, doing a TV commercial, don’t you think?

      As for your point about John Lydon looking down on the general public.. I have no idea about that, but I would imagine that anyone who has made his cash by self-promotion with admirable fercocity, can’t BE a member of the general public anymore can he? He hasn’t been able to BE that since his late teens…. so is it a case of “looking down” or is it a case of the various choices that life presented to him, meant that he invariably went in a direction which isolated him from the general public.

      He became “A Brand” and people projected a variety of expectations onto that “Brand” but is that his fault?

      A good friend recently helped me out with a quote from Wood Allen’s “Manhatten”… she says to Woody before she leaves for London
      “Not everyone gets corrupted…you’ve got to have a little faith in people..”

      Did Lydon get corrupted by the Jungle, or the Butter Advert? Or did he just change “the Brand” in a way that people didn’t expect. Maybe we should have a little faith ?

  12. Robin – did you watch ‘Question Time’? – I rest my case – Lydon was ( as predicted) arrogant,
    self-important, immensely patronizing, out of his depth, and nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. He continually interrupted everyone as obviously his opinion is more important than there’s and more correct. He’s been surrounded by ‘yes-men’ for too long and believes his own myth.

    I think you’re missing my point about the butter commercial…

  13. re: question time.
    Another nail in the coffin of john Lydons legacy. God that was cringe worthy stuff.
    dear oh dear.


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