Swopping news stories with our mates at the fab The Quietus website we are interested to find out that Pil are in the studio ‘working on new material’.

The band have posted some very well received gigs in the last year and it will be interesting to see what they are recording. Whether it’s demos or new material, whether it’s sneaky downloads or a whole new album is up in the air. Also just which PiL are we going to get- the genius early incarnation, the more bombastic later version or will they utilise the 21st century soundscape that they helped to pioneer decades ago…

Lydon has long insisted that the PiL reunion was not solely about nostalgia, saying that the gigs were being done in part to fund studio time: “We’ve got no backing – no record company, no sponsors, nothing like that. The only way we can make money is the touring, and then we can make a new album,” he told Billboard in 2010. “It’s sort of like the old days of PiL, when the Pistols went kaput; I had to scrimp and scrape out of my own pocket. Not much has changed.”

Asked back then if he had songs ready, Lydon said, “Yeah, I’ve got piles. I never stop writing. Most of my influences have never really come from a musical act. It tends to be things like the poetic beat of a newscast. There’s a rhythm to the way it’s laid out. Movies can do that. Shakespeare and good poetry does that, and a bloody good book does that, or just a long walk.”

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  1. The inherent problem is anything done under the PiL logo does is always measured against FIRST EDITION, METAL BOX and FLOWERS OF ROMANCE. Those records continue to have resonance decades after their initial release dates: Can you say that about, oh, THAT WHAT IS NOT?


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