6.DOME ‘Will You Speak This Word” LP (Uniton Records)

‘Gilbert and Lewis from WIRE side project, another oldie but a goodie. The underside of WIRE covered in bruises and dragged around, a weirder take on the pop song. Reminds me of Snake Finger and Throbbing Gristle.’

7. Faust – live now

‘Just saw them performing with the addition of Ernsthafte Angelegenheiten to the ensemble on the West Coast.
Truly inspired and inspiring, i came home and worked thru the night after that show. We must be better.’

8. Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac

‘About half of the tunes are gems, check out:
“Man of the World”
“Although the Sun is Shining”
And for extra credit check out Peter Green’s solo “End of Game”. Fried extendo jams, perfect.’

9. Khan “Space Shanty” LP (DERAM / Brain )

‘Prog super group on Brain/ Deram. Check it.’

10. Original Soundtrack – “Manhunter” (MCA)

‘Michael Mann’s early master piece about the Red Dragon . A great movie, that in my opinion coined the vibe of the protagonist speaking out loud to themselves but in the mindset of the criminal. Really over the top just like the soundtrack. Enjoy this classic.’


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