7. The Wedding Present – ‘Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?’

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Drugs. It’s all fun and games until it turns out you’re one of the small minority who shouldn’t be taking psychedelics and you end up kicking a hole in the side of your own brain.

“If you ever see the video to ‘Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?’ by the Wedding Present on YTV’s Calendar show and you start screaming because you’re wearing exactly the same paisley shirt as David Gedge and you carry on screaming because you think that you’re David Gedge trapped in the television and sending yourself messages from the future; you may well be having a nervous breakdown.”

8. David Bowie – ‘Young Americans’

Being an alcoholic, working nights in factories, half crazed with lack of sleep and ethanol is a kind of Hell; the only real relief you have is music.

“After the shift ended, back in my flat I poured myself the first of many well deserved whiskies and didn’t stop until I slipped into the deepest of voids. Helen was already asleep and I would drink quietly in the dark, smoking cigarettes, listening to Young Americans and Station To Station by David Bowie on my Walkman, feeling my brain unclench. Feeling my teeth unclench. Drinking until I stopped sweating. Drinking until I stopped hurting.”

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