17. Mogwai – ‘The Sun Smells Too Loud’

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Childbirth is the most organically psychedelic thing that I have ever been witness to. It ruptures your life and before it heals again, it allows you to momentarily see things afresh. As though it were you being born and not the child.

“When Little John finally arrived, I was grateful to Maria for gripping onto my forearms with such force that I could still see the outlines of her hands some four days later, because it kept me in the room, such was the sense of unreality to me. The iPod playlist we’d made a fortnight beforehand arrived at Mogwai’s ‘The Sun Smells Too Loud’ and I heard my son cry for the first time.”

18. The Volunteers – ‘Scratch The Night’

Some people call it writing. I acknowledge the truth of the matter – most of the time I’m simply remembering funny things my mate John Tatlock has said.

“I met John in 1985. He was playing guitar in the only St Helens band who could steal my affections away from GNARL, called The Volunteers. I was very impressed by this and the fact he wore a dead priest’s overcoat. And this sense of fashion might not have improved noticeably for either of us over the following 25 years but what constituted a party did end up meaning more than a bottle of Thunderbird and some low grade acid in The Royal Alfred car park.”

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