15. Primal Scream/MBV Arkestra – ‘If They Move, Kill ‘Em’

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I don’t hate Bobby Gillespie, I just think he’s funny.

“Later in the evening when Bobby Gillespie took to the stage to present Nick Kent with his award, chemicals leaked violently without warning into the unorthodox idea part of my brain.Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I felt the weight of the award I had collected earlier – a dinner plate designed to look like a London ‘Blue Plaque’ – in my hand. I gripped it like a discus and started to imagine the swing of my arm and the graceful arc of the trophy as it sliced through the air like a speeding porcelain kingfisher of death, straight towards his head. I tried to think of him rapping on ‘Blood Money’, him dancing to ‘Country Girl’, the word “syphilis” and his duet with Kate Moss, but within a fraction of a second all I could hear was ‘If They Move, Kill ‘Em’, ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ (Andrew Weatherall’s white label mix), ‘Shoot Speed Kill Light’, ‘Kowalski’, The Orb’s remix of ‘Higher Than The Sun’ – Gillespie! You fucking pointy-toed alt-rock oompa loompa! You’ve won again!”

16. Dizzee Rascal – ‘Bonkers’

Drugs. It’s all fun and games until you have to get one of your best friends sectioned to a secure psychiatric institution because he’s had a savage, suicidal and psychotic episode because of narcotics you introduced him to.

“You know. When you get out of here and start drinking, you’ll die before the end of the year because you’ve got nowhere left to go. There’s nothing below mental hospital in this scenario, just the morgue. And when you die, I’ll steal your story and write it. And the women… the women will throw themselves at me because of the power of my story – except of course it’s your story. And you will not be able to enjoy having all these women throw themselves at you because you will be dead… You will be dead and unable to enjoy the company of women. Or you can stop drinking and taking drugs, get well, get out of here and write the story yourself. And the women… the women will be yours. The choice is yours. If you die I’ll steal your story. I really will.”

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